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Blood Test
Blood Test

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Private Blood Tests in London at Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street

At Medical Express Clinic, we provide complete private blood test services to patients. We utilise world-class lab services for fast and accurate test results. Our staff will take your blood sample and follow up with you via phone or email to give you the results. There is a fee of £50 for the phlebotomy service, charge in addition to your test price. We aim to keep the blood tests affordable for every budget and offer a range of comprehensive blood test packages.

List of private blood test and prices
Full GP review of your blood results with written comments on management included in your price.

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Some of The More Common Blood Test Profiles We Offer

  • General Screening and Wellness Profiles
  • Disease Screening
  • Blood Test packages
  • Fertility and Infertility Profiles
  • Pre Pregnancy and Pregnancy Screening
  • Vitamins Nutrition
  • Sex Hormones
  • Pre & Post Travel Screening Profiles
  • Sexual Health Screening
  • Lifestyle
  • Pre-Operative Blood Test
  • Allergy Tests
  • Immigration and Occupational Health Screening

At Medical Express, same day private blood tests are done from Monday-Friday 9:00 am-6:00 pm and Saturday upto 2:00 pm. The booking availability on weekends requires blood samples to reach our Harley Street laboratory as some tests are very sensitive and time-consuming too.

Why Choose Medical Express as your Blood Test Clinic

  • Blood tests are usually done in order to get the correct result.
  • A wide range of blood tests are there in London, however all of them do not provide accurate and fast results.
  • Our staff will take the blood sample and provide the most accurate result if your tests without retesting your blood or getting incorrect results.
  • When you visit our private clinic for blood test, the experienced doctors will review the results and tell you about any abnormalities with your case.
  • Our leading consultants will follow up for necessary treatments and deliver results back to the GP.

Private Blood Tests Cost in London

We also offer a range of screening test packages, selected by our doctors to screen for general health and identify the most common issues that we have seen in the clinic:

Silver - £105

Full Biochemistry comprising of:

  • Kidney Function
  • Uric Acid
  • Bone Metabolism
  • Nutrition and Immunity
  • Liver Function
  • Cholestorol Profile
  • Blood Sugar (Glucose)
  • Haematology - Anaemia, Red & White Blood Cell count
  • Inflammatory Markers

Suitable for: General check up usually for healthy people to determine normal body function. Very helpful in indicating deficiency and identifying problems.

Silver Plus - £190

As above plus Iron Levels, CK and LDH to look at muscle function For: Young, healthy and active people looking to monitor or improve physical activity and daily health. Very helpful in indicating deficiency and identifying problems.

Gold - £250

As in the Silver Package

Plus Thyroid Function Test and Iron Test

Early detection of diabetes - HBA1C Test

For: All ages to have a blood assessment of overall health and organ function. Generally good to perform annually in order to monitor changes in levels. This screening tool can also be used to confirm certain diagnoses.

A PSA test can be performed for men over the age of 50, the price is £80.

Platinum - £420

As above plus

CK LDH CRP to measure muscle performance

Vitamin D, B12 and Folic Acid

For: High performance athletes or those desiring a detailed and comprehensive insight into their biochemistry, organ function and muscoskeletal functions.

You are not just limited to these packages however, everybody is different and we will work with you to perform the tests that are appropriate for your age, health and lifestyle.

How Long Does It Take for a Private Blood Tests Result?

The results are delivered within 4-12 working hours and mailed to you to discuss with your GP for consultation. If you find any problem with the laboratory blood tests, we provide a complete package starting from scheduling an appointment with a specialist to preparing for the treatment plan and finally, collecting the medication. The rates are affordable based on the need of the individual who will perform blood test.

Is there any Blood Test Clinic near Me?

If you are looking for a private blood test centre near you, then browse online for the list of clinics or labs in Harley Street, London. Get in touch with our doctors today for more information on different blood tests.

Contact us if you want to perform private blood tests at our London clinic.


What can be found in the blood test?

Blood tests can help your doctor to:

  • Assess how your organs such as heart, kidneys, liver and thyroid are working.
  • Diagnose conditions and diseases such as AIDS/HIV, anaemia, diabetes, heart disease and cancer
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