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GP Services

Private GP London

At Medical Express Clinic, we are pleased to provide you with a full range of private GP services in London. You can choose when you'd like to see a GP privately, and we will arrange a consultation at your preferred time. Our GPs are qualified General Practitioners registered with the UK General Medical Council.

We are available to care for you whether you need immediate attention for a one-off problem or a complex ongoing issue. With access to state-of-the-art facilities, including pathology and imaging departments, we can swiftly arrange any necessary scans or tests as recommended by our GPs.

Our test have a short turnaround time, and, in most cases, you can get your result on the same day. This ensures the complete peace of mind you would expect from a GP clinic. If follow-up treatment is necessary, our doctors can refer you to a leading specialist consultant. We are committed to providing comprehensive care tailored to meet your needs.

Our services include:

  • Open 24/7
  • Same-day GP appointments
  • From £150
  • Book online

GP Services we offer at our Clinic

Our GP services are designed to offer efficient and personalised healthcare services. Our private GPs in London offer the following services.

General consultations

Routine consultations and check-ups for common health issues

Comprehensive health assessments

Detailed evaluations of your overall health, including screenings and physical exams

Same-day appointments

Hassle-free access to personalised medical care, usually with same-day or next-day appointments

Prescription services

Renewing and issuing prescriptions for medications.

Immunisations and vaccinations

Vaccinations to protect against different diseases

Health screenings

Screenings for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol.

Diagnostic tests

Ordering and interpreting diagnostic test, including imaging, blood test and other diagnostic tests

Specialist referrals

Providing and facilitating referrals to specialists when necessary.

Minor surgical procedures

Conducting minor surgical procedures, including skin lesion removal and wound care

Family planning and reproductive health services

Offering advice and reproductive services such as contraception and family planning

Chronic disease management

Management and monitoring of chronic conditions such as asthma, hypertension and diabetes

Travel health advice

Providing vaccinations and travel advice for people going abroad.

Corporate health services

Tailored health services to meet business needs, including occupational health services and employee health checks

Preventive health programs

Designing and implementing personalised preventive health plans for overall well-being maintenance

Why Choose us as your Private GP in London?

The main reason for most people choosing a private GP appointment is time. Choosing Medical Express Clinic for your GP services has several benefits, and we prioritise your health and well-being.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your healthcare needs.

Convenient and quick appointments

We understand that timely healthcare is important, and you can expect quick appointments with our private doctors in London, usually on the same day or the next day.

Extended consultation time

Our experienced GPs offer comprehensive consultations. They take time to understand health concerns and offer treatments or advice to meet your needs while prioritising your well-being.

Comprehensive health assessments

Our comprehensive health assessments include advanced screenings and diagnostic test to check your health thoroughly. Our health assessments allow proactive management and early detection of any health issue.

Access to specialist care

We work with a network of specialists, ensuring hassle-free access to expert consultations and opinions when necessary.

Discreet and confidential service

We prioritise your confidentiality and have designed our clinic to provide discreet and confidential medical consultations and treatments.

Flexible scheduling options

Our scheduling options are flexible to accommodate your busy lifestyle, aiming to make healthcare convenient and accessible for you.

Transparent pricing

Transparency is one of our values, and it is evident in our clear pricing. There are no hidden fees, so you know the cost of your treatment, allowing you to make informed healthcare decisions.

Care continuity with preferred GPs

You can choose your preferred GP, allowing for continuity of care. Getting care from your GP allows you to build a relationship with a GP that understands your health needs and history.

Preventive healthcare

Our emphasis on preventive healthcare allows us to offer proactive measures to improve and maintain your health. We go beyond treating symptoms, which ensures long-term health.

No NHS registration needed

Registration with the National Health Service isn't necessary to access healthcare services at our clinic. We offer independent healthcare for individuals who need access to quality medical care.

Convenient hours and locations

Our strategic location on Harley Street makes it convenient to book appointments from our London private GP, and our working hours are also flexible. Accessing healthcare at Medical Express Clinic is easy for the patients.

We prioritise individual needs and offer convenient and high-quality medical services to ensure you are healthy. We will guide you through your health journey and support you in any necessary way.

Schedule a Private GP appointment in London today

Our GP consultation will provide fast, convenient, and uncompromising care and medical advice, whatever your needs are.

Unlimited Consultation: £150

Enjoy an unrestricted consultation with the doctors. There is no need to complete a medical history questionnaire or fix your appointment; walk in and see the GP today.

Follow-up consultations are £100 unless otherwise stated.

Our experienced doctors will take a complete health record and conduct a thorough examination to diagnose your condition accurately. They combine observations with several years of knowledge and experience backed by the necessary diagnostic tests and scans.

You do not have to register with us; we welcome visitors to the country and single-visit patients. We do not dilute the quality of our service by offering video or phone consultations to new patients.

Call Medical Express Clinic now at 0207 499 1991 to schedule a same-day appointment with our doctors, or visit our clinic for details about our excellent healthcare options.

Meet Our General Practitioner

Dr. Mohammad Bakhtiar

Dr Mohammad Bakhtiar


Lead Clinician and Director of Governance

Registered Manager

General Practitioner




Frequently Asked Questions

A GP is a general practitioner offering healthcare services outside the public healthcare service. A GP also provides personalised healthcare services at a specific fee.

A private GP offers different benefits, such as faster appointments, access to specialised healthcare services, extended consultation times and personalised care to meet your needs.

If you are residing or working in and around London, use Google to search for Private GP's near you. You can find us at 117A Harley Street which is close to the tube station in Regent’s Park.

We charge one flat fee of £150 for a GP consultation which is unlimited in time and scope, so you can talk to your doctor about any and all health problems.

You can book online via our website or call us according to your convenient time. We also prioritize same-day doctor appointments.

Our doctors will tell you if you need to see a specialist and pay for it privately. In such a situation, he will write a referral letter to the private consultant and explain your health condition.

Our GP offers several services, such as specialised consultations, home visits, advanced screenings and comprehensive health assessments.

Yes. Confidentiality is our priority, and we will handle your information carefully while adhering to privacy standards to ensure your data remains secure.

Our pricing is transparent, and you can choose any package tailored to your needs. There are no hidden or additional fees.

Yes, we do. We offer home visits for people who request it. It is a convenient option, especially for those with busy schedules or mobility issues.

No. Private GPs are available to meet different healthcare needs, from routine checks to care for specific health issues. We offer comprehensive tailored to your needs.

If you want to transfer your health records from another healthcare provider, you can inform us, and we will guide you through the process to securely transfer your medical records.

Yes, you can. We understand that continuity of care is important. Although we strive to offer fast appointments, you can always request a specific GP.

Your first visit to Medical Express Clinic will involve a comprehensive consultation. During your first visit, the GP will discuss your current health concerns, medical history, and any preferences or goals you may have.