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Papua New Guinea Visa Medical

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Visa Medical

If you want to travel to Papua New Guinea, you will need to undergo a series of medical examinations required by the government officials.

papua new guinea visa medical

Those include:

  • A urine test
  • An HIV blood test
  • A chest x-ray

Your results will be available within 24 hours of your medical examination.

Please remember to bring your passport and a passport-sized photo which we will need to as proof of identity for the embassy.

Do I need a visa medical if I am travelling on a holiday?

No, you will not be required a medical examination if you are going as there as a tourist. It is, however, advised that you undergo the necessary vaccinations.

Will I need a blood test?

Yes, you will need to have a blood test in order to clear out the potential of HIV.


The cost of undergoing the medical exams for Papua New Guinea depend of your requerments and medical forms and will starts at £395


For more information on obtaining a working visa for Papua New Guinea and undergoing the necessary medical exams, please get in touch with our medical staff at your earliest convenience.

Contact us on: 02074991991 or e-mail us at info@medicalexpressclinic.co.uk