private health check and screening

Health Screening

Private Health Checks and Screening in London

We have an established reputation for excellence in private health check-up and screening. Medical Express Clinic Health Screens (Health MOT) are designed with the busy executive and health conscious individual in mind. Our private medical care carry out all the important tests and give an up-to-date report with advice on how to improve your health, wellbeing and longevity.


Our Motto

Help ever, hurt never.

Love all, serve all.


Medical Express Clinic offers peace of mind, rapid results and a walk-in full health check-up service. Patients can be assured that results are reliable and treated with the utmost confidence.

Why Choose Medical Express?

We guarantee quality. We can honestly say that our laboratory tests are all conducted in accredited laboratories and all equipment we use at the clinic are calibrated for accuracy. The staff is properly trained and supported. All results are seen by a doctor and signed off as and when they arrive. This is to make sure that we do not miss any significant abnormalities which might need attention. We are small enough to take care of your individual needs yet big enough to do a thorough job and compete with the bigger players.

We’re Celebrating

We are London’s first Independent Walk-in Clinic
Established in 1984, 30 Years of Excellence