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Health Screening
Health Screening

Private Health Checks and Screening in London

We have an established reputation for excellence in private health checks and screening in London. Medical Express Clinic Health Screens (Health MOT) are designed with the busy executive and health conscious individual in mind. Our private medical check up carry out all the important tests and give an up-to-date report with advice on how to improve your health, wellbeing and longevity.

All of us value good health and many of us are taking positive steps to improve and remain healthy by eating a well-balanced diet, exercising daily or quitting cigarettes and any other unhealthy habits we may have. At our clinic, we offer private health checks known widely as health screens or Body MOTs as a snapshot of your overall health and to help detect problems before they develop into something more serious.

We are committed to helping our patients live longer, healthier and happier lives. As such, unlike many alternative health screening programmes, Medical Express Clinic offers a complete service to resolve any issues that we may have discovered based on the findings of your health screen. Medical Express Clinic has a network of specialist practitioners and partner clinics across the UK to cover every aspect of treatment. We can, of course, send the results of your full health screen to your NHS GP along with any recommendations.

What is health screening?

Health Screenings are a series of examinations and tests that are designed to detect diseases, deficiencies or underlying health problems before symptoms begin. The value of screening is to find problems at an early stage, before they develop into more serious issues.

How does Health Screening benefit me?

Our private Health Screening services provides you with up to date, accurate and detailed information about your current state of being. This information you can then use to lead a healthier lifestyle.

A health checks may be the catalyst you need to cut out those unhealthy habits, or it could be quite the opposite, offering the peace of mind and encouragement you’re in good health and are making the right decisions.

Can the screening company be regulated properly?

It is an official requirement that all health screening service providers in the UK have enrolled with the Care Quality Commission. Medical Express Clinic has been registered with the CQC since 2004.

What can happen if the test detects something?

The earlier you detect health problems, the better. No news is not good news when it comes to your health. Long-term conditions or deficiencies may not be apparent in your day to day life. If there is a problem, you will be offered an opportunity to talk to your private GP, or if you’d like a referral back into the NHS, we are more than happy to help.

Our fees for administration and Health MOTs include the following:

Health MOTs / Administration

Medical Express Health MOTs

  • Mediscreen basic MOT
    Cost £395
  • Mediscreen gold MOT
    Cost £595
  • mediscreen delux mot
    Cost £999
  • mediscreen delux ladies mot
    Cost £1499
  • mediscreen sexual health MOT
    Cost £525

Administration Fees

  • Medical Certificate / Medical Report / referral letters
    Cost £50

If you want more information about our private health check up or wish to get health screening done at Medical Express Clinic in London, we will be happy to assist anytime you give us a call at 02074991991. Alternatively, you may write to us at info@medicalexpressclinic.co.uk for further help.

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