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Walk In Clinic
Walk-in Clinic

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Walk-in Clinic
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Walk-in Clinic


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Walk-in Clinic


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Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street, is a reputed Walk in Clinic in London designed to provide you fast medical treatment with the help of our special private GPs and doctors and also with minimal travel and wait times.

From allergies, coughs and colds, to everything in between or any emergency, our team of qualified Walk in doctor will treat your condition quickly and compassionately the very same day. If necessary, your helpful Walk in doctors in London can even immediately refer you to one of our experienced consultant specialists.

Open seven days a week with convenient daytime and evening hours, our Harley Street walk in clinic is here to provide you with urgent care that won't disrupt your schedule.

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Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street: Walk-in Clinic in London

Same-day medical care from our Walk in GP in London

Our friendly and experienced walk in private GP in London works tirelessly around the clock to treat any and all health issues. Above all, we're dedicated to protecting and restoring your health. If there's something wrong, our Walk in GP will find out and fix it.

At our walk in clinic, our GP and Doctors in London offer a range of comprehensive services to keep you and your family in perfect health:

  • Neurocare for both children and adults
  • Specialist paediatric services
  • Medico-legal reports
  • All vaccinations
  • Blood testing
  • Phlebotomy (for patients with existing nutritionists/practitioners)
  • Complementary and alternative medicine


As a renowned Private Walk in Clinics in London, Medical Express Clinic do not dilute the quality of service by offering video consultations or phone consultations to new patients. Walk in GP at our Medical Clinic take a full medical history and examination in our unlimited consultations, they combine their observations with decades of medical knowledge and experience for the relevant diagnostic blood tests and scans based on their observations.

We order the results of all tests which are reviewed by nearby doctors. They will highlight any kind of abnormalties found in the test result. Follow up appointments and prescriptions are an important part of our total package of care, something you just don't get with remote consultation services.

'Under the Weather' Consultation : £100

Short consultation of up to 15 minutes for minor health issues - Patients must pre-book their appointment and return a completed medical history questionnaire before attending.

Full Consultation : £120
Unlimited Consultation : £150


What is a walk-in clinic?

A walk in clinic is the wide category of medical facilities that accept all patients based on walk-in basis without a prior appointment. An example is our Medical Express Clinic in London.

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