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When you are looking for a private GP in London’s famous Harley Street, at Medical Express Clinic, you can book a same day appointments. You will be seen by one of our highly respected, hand-picked, and very experienced private general practitioners. For any health problems where you need a private GP appointment, our experienced general practitioners are ready and waiting to see you.

As you would expect, our private GPs can offer you a full range of services from a one-off consultation, female and male health screening and vaccinations right through to blood tests, imaging and specialist referrals. A referral from one of our private doctors will provide immediate access to the highest quality diagnostics. A fast transition to the care of a specialists where needed, along with use of the highest standard of facilities at our clinic helps manage and resolve complex medical issues quicker than with other health providers.

Our Services

For your peace of mind, we offer a private GP services that is truly  flexible. Our private GP in London manage all your health concerns  efficiently. With convenient access to the best medical support as well as expert diagnosis you will have care and attention when you need it  most. Book an appointment with our doctors that suits you whether same day or weekends. Our standard consultation is never limited in time or  scope - you will have time to discuss all your concerns, in depth. Some of the more common conditions our private GPs deal with will include:

  • Persistent Colds that don’t clear up
  • Sexual Health issues
  • Painful and persistent Earache
  • Headaches that do not resolve
  • Persistent Coughs
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Heart palpitations
  • Joint Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Heartburn and Chest Pain 
  • Moles, Rashes and other skin lesions
  • 'Tummy' troubles - Abdominal Pain – Indigestion, Constipation, Bloating, Diarrhoea
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Type 1 and type 2 Diabetes
  • Excess Stress
  • Feelings of Anxiety
  • Chronic Depression
  • UTI (Urinary Tract Infections)
  • Menstrual issues (Period Problems)
  • Contraception advice
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Medical Express Clinic - Walk-in Clinic with Private GPS and Doctors in Harley Street, London

Why Choose Us?

Timely Investigations

With consultation facilities on Harley Street, Medical Express Clinic has links to an excellent and cutting-edge range of analytical and diagnostic facilities, many within the building, all within walking distance. Specific diagnostic tests may be requested by your private doctors in London may include urine analysis and blood tests and diagnostic scans - X-rays, MRI and CT scans as well as ultrasound scans ECG, (cardiac testing) and screening for cancer (cervical, prostate, colon, ovarian, and breast cancer). Most diagnostic tests will be conducted on the same day, usually shortly after they have been requested by the doctor.

We work closely with consultant radiologists and pathology services to fast-track reporting and results with results often available on the same day. We also have relationships with some of the most qualified specialists across a range of medical disciplines. Once you have been diagnosed, referral to the most suitable specialist will be made for your follow-on care.

Personal Care that is always Flexible

Medical Express Clinic will be here whenever you need us. A GP appointment can normally be arranged for you to be seen on the same day, at a time to suit you, including weekends and bank holidays. All patients will be welcome, whether they are registered with our clinic, or not. It just takes a simple phone call or an email to book an appointment.

Being a patient at our clinic, we allows you to access the epitome of personalised and individual care. We are completely committed to all our patients, and we are proud to be one of the few walk-in private GP practices in London that provide our own out of hours and emergency cover.

Continuity of Care For You

Even if we refer you to a consultant colleague, Medical Express Clinic will be involved, throughout your care. We will take ownership of your care, and we will monitor the complete journey you have as a patient, from your initial diagnosis to your treatment or referral.

Private GP Consultations in London

Our GP consultation will provide fast, convenient and uncompromising care and medical advice, whatever your needs.

Unlimited Consultation: £150

Enjoy an unrestricted consultation with the doctors, no need to complete a medical history questionnaire and no need to fix your appointment; walk in and see the GP today.

Follow-up consultations are £100 unless otherwise stated.

Our GP will take a complete health record and conduct a thorough examination to accurately diagnose your condition. They combine their observations with decades of knowledge and experience supported by the relevant diagnostic tests and scans.

You do not have to register with us, and we welcome visitors to the country and single-visit patients. We do not dilute our service's quality by offering video or phone consultations to new patients.

Our Private GP in London

our private GP London
Dr Mohammad Bakhtiar
Lead Clinician and Director of Governance
Registered Manager, General Practitioner
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How to book a private GP appointment?

Call us or book a doctors appointment online for any questions about treatment or our prices. If you will be self-paying, a GP referral is not necessary.

Private GP FAQs

What is a private GP?

A GP works privately and does not directly work with the National Health Service.

I'm Looking for a Private GP practice Near Me. Can you help?

If you are residing or working in and around London, use Google to search for "private GP Near me". You can find us at 117A Harley Street which is close to the tube station in Regent’s Park.

What are your opening times?

We are open 7 days a week, till late on weekdays and half-day weekends. We also offer Walk-in, same day doctors appointments.


9.00 - 21.00


10.00 - 14.00

How much does it cost to see a private GP in London?

We charge one flat fee of £150 for a GP consultation, which is unlimited in time and scope, so you can talk to your GP about any and all health problems.

Will my health insurance cover this?

Health Insurance coverage is accepted in specialist referral cases and your insurer covers very few GP consultations. We advise you to check with your insurer if blood tests or referrals are covered.

How can you get private GP appointments soon?

If you want to schedule an appointment with our doctors, feel free to call 02074991991 or leave us a message. Our friendly team of private GPs in London will get back to you and understand your healthcare concerns before providing suitable options for your need. Also, you may visit our clinic or get in touch with the right practitioner according to your convenient time and at an affordable price.

Why should you go to the best private GPs in London?

It is important to choose the right private doctor in London since they will give you access to different healthcare treatments for various medical illnesses. This way, you can pay for the services that you receive. Private GP service cover different things that include scheduling an appointment with the doctor, psychologist and physiotherapy services.

When should you call out of hour doctors for your child?

According to the NHS, these services are provided at your convenient time. Other than surgery hours, you can call the clinics. However, you will be directed to out-of-hours service. The timing for out-of-hours, usually begins from 6.30 pm to 8.00 am on the weekdays and throughout the day weekends as well as holidays.

Will you require the referral of a GP for private treatment?

Not, actually. You can avail the private treatment from your professionals without referral from a GP. According to the British Medical Association, it is considered a suitable practice for those referred to perform certain treatments by the GP. This is because they aware of your health record and can suggest if you need a referral.

How can you get a referral from a private doctor in London?

At first, you will have to go to your primary care physician, who will assess your concern before making a referral to the specialist. After this, you must verify your referral information and insurance policy. Thus, fix your private appointment with the specialist.

Will the GP charge for providing a private referral?

If you want to go to a private specialist, you are advised to get a referral from your private GP. The GP usually does not charge their NHS patients for making personal references. 

How long does an appointment last?

A consultation usually takes 15 to 20 minutes in normal cases. It may take longer if you have a more complex or long-standing issue.

What if I need to cancel my private GP appointment?

Please call the clinic as soon as you find out you may not be able to attend your GP appointment. You may be able to reschedule for the same day. Otherwise, the doctor appointments can be made for another date.

Do you see children?

Yes, we treat people of all ages and can provide referrals to a paediatrician if more than a GP consultation is required.

Should you pay to visit a private doctor?

Our private doctor in Harley Street will tell you if you need to visit a specialist and pay for it privately. In such a situation, he will write a referral letter to the private consultant and explain your health condition. 

What do you need to register with a doctor?

Legally, you do not need any documents to submit to a GP. Some private GP surgery may ask for your NHS card and proof of address (usually 1 or 2 bills with your name) to prove that you live in the locality.

Can a private doctor refer to NHS?

Yes, they certainly can. Depending on your issue, we recommend that you stick with the same private doctor because they better know your concerns. That would typically speed up your treatment and reduce any chances of a potential delay in treatment.

Can I get private treatment on the NHS?

If your GP decides that you need to see a specialist, you can request to have treatment from a list of private hospitals or clinics. You will only pay for extra personal items, just as you would in any NHS hospital.

What is a private GP and what is their work?

A GP may not have specialization in a specific area of medicine. Generally, a private GP offers full medical care that includes immunizations, physical assessments and evaluation and treats different conditions such as injuries and illnesses.

What is a routine doctor's appointment?

Routine appointments are standard appointments for a routine check-up where the doctor can do tests on you, including blood and urine tests to determine your overall health.

What is an emergency GP appointment?

It is just like a regular appointment; however, it is urgent and can be planned for the same day if necessary.

Urgent GP appointment reasons:

Most commonly, urgent appointments to the GP are from suffered injuries during work or playing sport. However, it can be anything.

Will my GP have access to my NHS health record?

No, but your private GP discusses your health records in the consultation and asks about any regular medication or pre-existing conditions.

Will you update my regular NHS GP?

We do not share your records with anyone. We will update you with the information in whatever format you prefer (digital or hard copy). You can share this information with another private healthcare provider if you choose to do so.

Do you provide emergency treatment?

No, we can deal with non-urgent care on the same day, but in case of an emergency, please dial 999.