Travel Vaccines

Travel Vaccinations at The Medical Express Clinic

If you are travelling to a foreign, long-haul country, you might need a vaccination against infections that are present in those regions. At the Medical Express Clinic, on Harley Street, our experts can advise and vaccinate you safely, effectively and accordingly to your individual medical needs.

Which Travel Vaccinations will I Need?

The vaccinations that you will require will mainly depend on:

  • Your current age and your health condition.
  • The destination you are travelling to.
  • Activities that you are likely to undertake while abroad.

Refer to The Full List Of All The Travel Vaccinations & Their Prices That are Available at Our Clinic:

Vaccinations Prices
Chicken Pox (Varicella) £98.00
Cholera & Travellers’ Diarrhoea (drinkable vaccine – Dukoral) *price per course of 2 doses £62.00
DTP, Diphtheria / Tetanus / Polio (Revaxis) £38.00
Dip/Tet/Polio/Pertussis, Whooping Cough (Repevax)* £95.00
Flu From £25.00
Hepatitis A (child) £80.00
Hepatitis A (adult) £53.00
Hepatitis A + Hepatitis B combined (child) £89.00
Hepatitis A + Hepatitis B combined (Twinrix) (adult) £98.00
Hepatitis A + Typhoid Combined £89.00
Hepatitis B – Standard £68.00
Hepatitis B – Rapid £68.00
HPV Cervical Cancer (Gardasil) £185.00
Japanese Encephalitis – (Ixiaro) £82.00
Meningitis ACWY (Menveo) £80.00
Meningitis B (Bexsero) – 2 dose package deal* £345.00
MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) £55.00
Pneumonia (Prevenar)* £120.00
Rabies £30.00
Rabies (Post Exposure) £63.00
Shingles (Zostavax) £170.00
Tick-borne Encephalitis (Ticovac) (adult) £66.50
Tick-borne Encephalitis (Ticovac Junior) (child) £70.00
Tuberculosis (BCG) *** £80.00
Tuberculosis skin test (Mantoux) ** £79.00
Typhoid (injection Typhim Vi) £42.00
Typhoid (oral capsules – Vivotif) *price per course of 3 doses £37.50
Yellow Fever £69.50
Yellow Fever vaccine only (including reduced visit fee) £89.50

An Appointment for a Vaccination:

Your health should be your biggest priority and we can pride ourselves in ensuring that you are in safe hands throughout and even after your holiday.


For further information or to book an appointment, call us today on 02074991991,or request an appointment on our website –