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Anti-Mullerian Hormone testing
Anti-Mullerian Hormone testing
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Prices listed on the website are exclusive of our phlebotomy (blood draw) fee.

A blood draw fee of £50 is payable for blood tests, urine tests and swabs carry no surcharge.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) testing in London

Reproductive health is a vital aspect of overall well-being, and understanding certain factors influencing fertility is important for couples and individuals who plan on starting a family. At Medical Express Clinic, we understand that being productive about reproductive health management is necessary, so we have designed our Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) testing to provide the needed information about fertility.

What is AMH?

Anti-Mullerian Hormone, shortened as AMH, is a protein the body produces when egg sacs (follicles) develop within the ovaries. This hormone plays an essential role in regulating the female reproductive system. Unlike the other female hormones that fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle, AMH levels are relatively stable, making it reliable for assessing ovarian reserve.

Ovarian reserve is the quality and quantity of eggs in women, indicating a woman’s reproductive potential and the chances of a successful pregnancy. AMH testing gives insight into the ovarian reserve and assists healthcare professionals in evaluating fertility status.

Who needs AMH testing?

Anti Mullerian Hormone Test can benefit different people, including:

  • Women planning for pregnancy

    If you want to start a family, AMH testing can provide information on your ovarian reserve and help you make informed decisions about when to try conceiving.

  • Individuals with fertility concerns

    Coupes experiencing challenges conceiving may benefit from AMH testing to check the woman’s ovarian reserve and identify potential issues affecting fertility.

  • Women with irregular menstrual cycles

    Irregular menstrual cycles may indicate an underlying reproductive health issue. However, AMH testing can give information on ovarian function.

  • People undergoing fertility treatment

    People undergoing assisted reproductive procedures like in vitro fertilisation (IVF) can have AMH testing to help tailor treatment plans based on their ovarian reserve.

Benefits of AMH testing

  • Early detection of potential fertility issues

    AMH testing is a vital tool for early detection of potential fertility issues because it assesses ovarian reserve. Early detection of fertility issues offers individuals the opportunity to explore fertility preservation options or undergo necessary, timely interventions.

  • Personalised fertility planning

    AMH helps you understand your ovarian reserve to get personalised fertility planning. This knowledge empowers couples and individuals to make informed decisions about the best time for family planning.

  • Guidance for fertility treatments

    AMH testing is vital for people undergoing fertility treatments to help tailor treatment plans. The information from this testing helps healthcare professionals optimise the individual’s treatment for better outcomes.

  • Empowerment through knowledge

    The right information provides knowledge and is empowering, especially for reproductive health. AMH testing gives insight into fertility potential, allowing people to actively manage their reproductive health.

Our Private AMH testing service

We are proud to offer high-quality healthcare services at Medical Express Clinic, and we have designed our AMH testing service to reflect our commitment to ensuring optimal reproductive health. Our outstanding private AMH testing service includes the following:

  • Fully equipped testing facilities

    Our state-of-the-art testing facility is fully equipped with the latest technology, ensuring reliable and accurate AMH testing. We leverage advanced technology for the delivery of precise results, giving you the necessary information for decision-making.

  • Experienced and qualified medical professionals

    Our experienced team of qualified medical professionals is top-rated in the reproductive health field. At our clinic, you can trust that your AMH testing will be done by skilled professionals who prioritise patient well-being and accuracy.

  • Accurate and quick results

    Getting timely information is important to make fertility decisions, and our efficient testing process ensures you get your results within a short time without compromising on accuracy.

  • Privacy assurance and confidentiality

    We prioritise your privacy, and our clinic strictly adheres to confidentiality standards, ensuring your test results and personal information are handled discreetly.

Our AMH testing process

Individuals who want to undergo AMH testing in UK need to understand the process before deciding to have the procedure. The process usually involves these steps.

  • Consultation with a healthcare provider

    The first step is a consultation with our healthcare professional. During your consultation, you can ask questions, share your concerns, and provide information on your medical history.

  • Blood sample collection

    AMH testing involves a simple blood test. A healthcare professional will collect a small blood sample, usually from a vein in your arm. The blood sample collection procedure is relatively painless and quick.

  • Laboratory analysis

    We will send the collected blood sample to our fully equipped laboratory for analysis. Our skilled lab technicians use advanced techniques to measure the AMH levels in your sample.

  • Result explanation

    After the analysis, you will have a follow-up appointment with the healthcare professional to discuss your results. The professional will explain the significance of your AMH levels and how they affect your fertility.

Interpreting AMH test results

Understanding your AMH testing levels is important to make informed decisions concerning your reproductive health. Below is an overview of the interpretation of AMH test results.

  • Understanding AMH levels

    AMH levels are generally under three categories – low, normal, and high. Low AMH levels may indicate a lower ovarian reserve, while high AMH levels may indicate a higher ovarian reserve. Normal AMH levels fall within the expected range for specific age groups.

  • Implications for fertility

    Low AMH levels do not always indicate infertility but may suggest a reduced fertility potential. However, high AMH levels may indicate a higher chance of successful fertility treatments but may also be from conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

  • Discussion of potential next steps

    Depending on your AMH test results, your healthcare professional will discuss the potential next steps. This may include fertility preservation options, specific fertility treatments, or lifestyle modifications tailored to your needs.

Why choose us for AMH testing in London?

Undergoing AMH testing with the right provider is vital to getting accurate results and personalised care. Medical Express Clinic is the preferred choice for AMH testing in London for the following reasons.

  • Expert medical team

    We have a team of qualified and experienced medical professionals specialised in reproductive health. This ensures accurate interpretation of AMH test results, and you can get personalised, comprehensive guidance.

  • Cutting-edge diagnostic technology

    We have invested in cutting-edge diagnostic technology to ensure the reliability and accuracy of our AMH testing. Our commitment to providing reliable and high-quality healthcare services has allowed us to remain abreast of medical advancements.

  • Patient-centred and compassionate care

    At Medical Express Clinic, we understand that issues around fertility are usually emotional and sensitive. Our healthcare professionals handle each case with empathy and compassion, ensuring you feel supported throughout your testing process.

  • Convenient appointment scheduling

    We offer convenient and flexible appointment scheduling options because we understand timely testing is important and ensure we can accommodate your schedule.

Medical Express Clinic offers same-day blood testing appointments to assess fertility before IVF treatment, with a quick turnaround time. Call us today at 0207 499 1991 to book an appointment for your AMH testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) is a protein the ovaries produce. Assessing ovarian reserve, which indicates the quality and quantity of eggs, is important to help understand fertility potential and plan for getting pregnant.

AMH testing can help women planning pregnancy, those with irregular menstrual cycles, those undergoing fertility treatments, and those with fertility concerns. It offers insights into ovarian health and ensures informed decision-making.

AMH testing requires a simple blood draw. The healthcare professional will take a small blood sample, usually from the arm. The blood is analysed in the laboratory to accurately measure AMH levels.

No, AMH testing doesn’t require fasting. You can eat and drink normally before your test. It is a simple and convenient procedure that doesn’t involve special preparations.

Generally, you don’t need to avoid any medications before AMH testing. However, you need to inform your healthcare provider of any supplements or medication you are taking to ensure accurate result interpretation.

No, it isn’t. AMH testing isn’t painful but is a relatively painless and quick procedure that involves a simple blood draw. Most people experience minimal discomfort during the process.

You should get your AMH test result within a short time. We prioritise efficiency and provide your results quickly to help you make informed decisions concerning your reproductive health.

Low AMH levels may indicate reduced ovarian reserve, potentially affecting fertility, but high levels may indicate a higher ovarian reserve. High levels of AMH may also be linked to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Your healthcare provider will discuss personalised next steps, depending on your situation.

Transparency in pricing is important to us at Medical Express Clinic. Our AMH testing starts from £149, depending on various factors such as location, complexity of the test, and additional services.