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Minor Injuries

Minor Injuries Clinic London

A minor injury may cause discomfort you can’t manage at home, but it is not serious enough to visit the A&E department. At Medical Express Clinic, we treat minor injuries such as grazes, cuts, splinters, minor burns, and sprains so you don’t have to deal with discomfort at home.

Our walk-in clinic offers minor injury services, including treatments if you have a sprain, cut, strain, splinter, or minor burn. Our professional GP or nurse can attend to you, depending on the nature of the minor injury and the treatment needs.

In most cases, our healthcare professional will sterilise and close your wound, ensure the bleeding stops, and then dress the wound properly. The nurse or GP can also change your existing dressing on a healing wound. We can stitch or remove existing stitches for smaller injuries, but we do not stitch wounds on children.

If we suspect a fracture, the GP may conduct an exam to determine the location of the fracture or refer you to a nearby facility for an immediate X-ray. If the X-ray confirms a fracture, we can refer you to an orthopaedic specialist at no extra cost. We can provide accessories to stabilise the injury, making it safe until you get further treatment.

If the injury is serious, you will need to visit the accident and emergency department. Injuries requiring emergency medical treatment include long or deep wounds, wounds with continuous bleeding, major traumas or wounds with ragged edges.

Minor injuries which we treat include:

  • Changing an existing dressing
  • Wound dressing and cleaning
  • Suspected fractures
  • Muscular injuries and sprains
  • Treatment for minor burns
  • Abscess drainage and dressing, depending on the GP’s assessment
  • Stitch removal and stitching (but not for children)
  • Referral to local x-ray facilities
  • Steristrip wound closure

Prescription is available, when necessary, at no extra cost.


Our unlimited doctor consultation is available at £150

Call Medical Express Clinic today on 0207 499 1991 to book an appointment or visit us for specialised care if you have a minor injury. We offer same-day appointments and referrals for specialists and imaging while delivering professional medical care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Minor injuries are usually non-severe or non-threatening injuries that do not need extensive medical intervention. They include bruises, minor burns, fractures, sprains, scrapes and cuts.

Clean the wound using water and mild soap, then apply an antiseptic ointment and cover it with a sterile dressing or bandage. Ensure the wound is clean and check for signs of infection.

If you have a minor burn, run cool (not cold) water over the area for 10 – 20 minutes. Place a sterile dressing, but do not use adhesive bandages over the burn.

Rest the affected area, place ice wrapped in a cloth on it for 15 – 20 minutes at a time, and keep the injured limb elevated. Compress the area using a bandage to reduce swelling, and you can take over-the-counter pain medication to relieve your discomfort.

Head injuries, including those caused by minor impacts, should be taken seriously. Try resting and avoiding strenuous activity, and check for symptoms such as dizziness, headache or changes in consciousness. If your symptoms worsen, seek medical attention.

If your injury is severe and doesn’t improve or show signs of an infection such as discharge, swelling or redness, seek professional medical care.

Preventing minor injuries requires wearing appropriate protective clothing, taking safety precautions, being careful when engaging in physical activities, and maintaining a clean and safe environment at work and home.