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Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions from Medical Express Clinic

If you are on any medication and unable to see your GP but need a repeat prescription, or you are visiting the UK and can't see your regular doctor, our private GPs at Medical Express Clinic provide your prescription.

You will also need a consultation with one of our GPs if you are a first-time patient or need a prescription. If you already had a test with us confirming an infection, you can get a prescription without a second consultation. Depending on your preference, we can send your prescription to the nearest pharmacy.

We issue repeat prescriptions following clinical guidelines. If you have already had a consultation at our clinic, you may be able to get a request for a repeat prescription via a phone call without coming in for another consultation.

However, depending on your medication, you may need a follow-up consultation in the clinic or via telephone to ensure you are safe. We do not guarantee you can get the prescription from our doctors, as the final decision is at the doctor's discretion. We also always act according to the clinical and medical guidelines. We never prescribe controlled drugs.

Our prescription policy

  • All new patients and people requiring new prescriptions, except those getting treatment for an infection diagnosed through testing, will need a consultation.
  • We issue repeat prescriptions following the clinical guidelines – a follow-up or phone consultation may be necessary.
  • If the prescription is for a condition such as pain management, sleep disturbance, depression, or anxiety, we may need to contact your GP to verify when you got the last prescription.
  • We cannot guarantee that our doctors will provide the prescription you need, as we act on a case-by-case basis and follow the medical and clinical guidelines.
  • We never prescribe controlled drugs.

Cost of Repeat Prescription Medication

Issuing prescriptions at our clinic is free. However, you will pay for the medication. Unlike the public health service prescriptions, you will not pay the charge of £9.35 per item, but you will pay the medication cost. For many common medications, this may cost about the same as what you will pay with the public healthcare service.

Generally, the doctor will prescribe a generic, cheaper version of a medication if available unless you request a specific brand. You can inform your GP during your consultation if you need a specific branded medication.

Our same-day prescription medicines, costing from £150, are a perfect solution if you need your medication within a short time, and our highly experienced private doctors will provide the immediate care you need.

Call Medical Express Clinic today at 0207 499 1991 to book an appointment for your same-day prescriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We may contact your GP if you need a prescription for conditions such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, or pain management to verify the date you got your last prescription.

Yes, you can. Our price for getting a prescription without a GP consultation is £50. However, we recommend a consultation with the doctor before getting a prescription. Patients who have had a test with us that confirmed an infection will not pay for a prescription.

During your consultation, the GP may recommend medication to improve your health and then prescribe the medication once the doctor issues your prescription. We will send it via SMS. You can collect the prescription from your preferred pharmacy.

If you have a late-night consultation and want to get the prescription the same evening, we will try sending the prescription to an open pharmacy. You will pay privately for the prescription at the pharmacy as the price varies, depending on the pharmacy.

We will process your prescription and make it available at the pharmacy on the same day, usually within one hour. If your consultation is at night and you need the prescription on the same evening, we will send your prescription to an open pharmacy.

When you receive your prescription via SMS, you can go to the pharmacy and inform the pharmacist that you are collecting a private e-prescription, then show the pharmacist the code in your SMS.

At the pharmacist, you will need to show a valid ID and pay the prescription charges privately. The prices of prescriptions vary depending on the pharmacies.

We do not offer a repeat prescription service but can give you prescriptions for regular medication for up to one calendar month. We do not prescribe controlled drugs, such as strong painkillers, sedatives, unlicensed medication, or any medication that needs a specialist consultation.

You will pay for your private prescription at the pharmacy, and the price varies in pharmacies.

Yes. The person you've sent to collect your prescription will need to confirm your address and name and pay for your medication.