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Fatigue Screening

Fatigue screening or profile

Fatigue and tiredness may result from different things, but a fatigue blood test can rule out different factors and provide information to help you know if your levels are within the normal range.

Fatigue blood tests

If you are constantly feeling tired, our fatigue check blood test at Medical Express Clinic can help determine the underlying causes. Our fatigue check blood testing will provide valuable information about your health, helping to identify factors contributing to your tiredness.

Our skilled and experienced nurses will draw your blood sample for analysis in our in-house lab to ensure you get accurate and quick results.

Causes of fatigue

The most common causes of fatigue are:

  • Iron deficiency
  • Anaemia
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Diabetes
  • Low vitamin D
  • Viral illness
  • Poor gut health
  • Food intolerances (fructose and lactose)
  • Lifestyle
  • Burnout and stress
  • Hormonal changes, such as during menopause
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Why is a fatigue check necessary?

Vital health information

The fatigue check test analyses ten vital markers associated with the common causes of fatigue to provide information about your health.

Convenient in-house testing

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals performs the fatigue testing in-house, ensuring a fast and hassle-free experience.

Expert interpretation

Our doctor will analyse your results and professionally interpret your results to help you understand your health better.

How does the test work?

You can have your sample collected at home or our clinic by our trained phlebotomist for an easy and quick test.

Take the test

You can take the test at home or our testing location.

Send us your sample

Pre-paid postage is available for our at-home testing option.

Receive your results

We provide your doctor-validated personal results.

You can contact us today on 0207 499 1991 to book an appointment for your fatigue screening or visit our clinic to consult our experienced doctor.