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 Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

If you are on the outlook for a Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, our clinic on Harley Street, Medical Express can assist you with utmost core & professionality.

The Japanese Encephalitis or more well known as JE is a virus which can be fatal. It is spread to people through an infected bite of the Culex mosquito. This particular virus is mainly located in the Indian subcontinent and south-east Asia. A single bite from an infected Culex mosquito can cause neurological problems to the brain. Around 70,000 people are infected each year and almost 20,000 die from it. Unfortunately there is no cure for the infection; however, there is a vaccine for it.

Who requires a Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination?

Vaccination is mainly advised to travellers that:


How to avoid the bites:

In addition to the vaccine, there are other ways you can help yourself from being bitten by a mosquito. Here is a list of suggestions:


Japanese encephalitis vaccination at the Medical Express Clinic:



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