Medical Express - Phlebotomy Service

Medical Express - Phlebotomy Service.

You choose the place

Home Visit Phlebotomy is not for everybody. We strongly advise that patients who are able to travel to a clinic should do so, as this service is primarily for those who are physically incapacitated and in particular need of blood testing. The cost of a home visit phlebotomy service is dependent on the date and time requested the location of the patient and the number of samples to be collected. Please contact the clinic to get your home visit quote. Our VIP home visit starts from only £1000 Medical Express’s Mobile Blood Collection service in London will come to you wherever you are to take blood for your blood investigations. Whether that is at:

  • Home
  • Work
  • Hotel
  • Any other Venue

Professional and highly trained

Wherever you want us to attend in London or further afield, our phlebotomy service will come to you to draw blood for testing or even perform some tests on the spot. Our fully trained and professional phlebotomists are very experienced and will offer a service to fit in with your life style and timetable and will always be gentle and efficient when they take blood for testing. We know that some people can feel a bit anxious when it comes to needles and to having their blood taken. Our phlebotomists are very used to putting people at ease and carrying out the procedure fast and as painlessly as possible.

Flexibility and Convenience

The Medical Express home visit private phlebotomy service provides you flexibility to get your blood taken at a time and in a place that is convenient for you. Some of the tests that we routinely provide in our service include blood taken for over all health checks with:

  • Lung function,
  • Cholesterol and
  • Full blood count

There are also a range of private blood tests that can be done and medical reports provided for use in travel insurance claims and to be taken to your own GP when you return home.

There is no doubt that having a blood collection service that you can call at your convenience is a great help in the busy lives that we lead. Now there will be no more need to wait in a clinic in a long queue for phlebotomy services. You can rest assured that the professional phlebotomists provided by Medical Express will be able to take your blood at your convenience and go on to deliver the results either at the time of the test or after laboratory analysis. This is a service that has proved very popular with our regular clients and with visitors to London too. If you need to have blood taken for a specific reason or as part of a regular health check then make sure that the first and only call that you make is to Medical Express on 0208 499 1991.