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Same Day Doctor

Medical Express Clinic: your same day doctor in London

Same Day Doctor
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Same Day Doctor


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Same Day Doctor


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Are you looking for a same day doctor on Harley Street? Welcome to Medical Express Clinic - a comprehensive medical centre that allows you to see a doctor as soon as you walk through our doors.

Open 7 days a week with evening hours until 9pm on weekdays, you can drop-in whenever suits your schedule - no appointment necessary.

Quality care when you want it

Your same day doctor can diagnose and treat any and all health issues with sensitivity and respect. Every member of our stellar medical team is qualified to provide care tailored to your individual needs. Plus, we know when to refer you to one of our experienced consultant specialists for even higher levels of service and expertise.

You can also take advantage of our comprehensive range of health services, which includes:

Same Day Doctor for all your immediate care needs

When you're in need of urgent, quality medical care at Harley Street, London, look no further than Medical Express Clinic. Book an appointment for a time that suits you, or simply walk into our clinic and let one of our friendly and experienced doctors help you.


At Medical Express, we do not dilute the quality of our service by offering video consultations or phone consultations to new patients. Our GPs take a full medical history and examination in our unlimited consultations, they combine their observations with decades of medical knowledge and experience to order only the relevant diagnostic blood tests and scans based on their observations.

All results of any tests we order are reviewed by a doctor, with abnormalities highlighted to you. Specialist and follow up appointments, prescriptions are all part of our total package of care, something you just don't get with remote consultation services.

"Under the Weather" Consultation : £100

Short consultation of up to 15 minutes for minor health issues - Patients must pre-book their appointment and return a completed medical history questionnaire before attending.

Full Consultation : £120
Unlimited Consultation : £150



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The title can only be used by registered medical practitioners that are MBBS and BDS degree holders.

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