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  • Whether you are a visitor to London from overseas, a daily commuter, or a Londoner who wants to have private, confidential top quality medical consultation, Medical Express Clinic can save you valuable hours.
    If you need to see a doctor urgently, then just walk into our centrally located clinic. Our doctors are on duty from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Longer openings till 9.00pm most days are now the norm. Contact the clinic.
    With an experienced nursing team and technical back-up, we can provide the World-class service and on-the-spot treatment. You can see an expert consultant in all specialties in our clinic. The Clinic has developed The Pediatric Chambers with top consultant pediatricians working as a team and sees children at the clinic.
  • All our doctors and nursing staff are highly trained and experienced in providing the top quality care that you would expect from a major independent health centre. Speed and efficiency go hand in hand with our caring attitude. Safety First, Quality Second to None.
  • More than 30 specialists work with Medical Express Clinic and are available to treat both emergencies and long-term problems. Disease seeking investigations and diagnostic consultations are our forte. We investigate every concern to make diagnosis.
    We specialise in second opinion consultations. A telephone call to our reception desk will secure an appointment, normally on the same day. This is our Phone and Seen Consultant Service at our Specialist Express Clinic. All our consultants are experts and are recognised by major health insurance companies.
    Medical Express Clinic provides a Complete Medical Service, including a wide range of x-rays, blood tests, diagnostic and screening services, and procedures. Follow-up treatments such as physiotherapy, massage therapy and reflexology, can all be undertaken using the technology you would expect from a modern and well-equipped medical centre.
  • We have cardiac ECHO facilities (all ECHOs are carried out by consultant cardiologists) and 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure measurement service together with ECG recording and reporting at our clinic. Medical Express Clinic enjoys an excellent reputation for high standards of care and is recognised by the major health insurance companies.
  • See a doctor or specialist when you need one.

    Fees are an estimate only and may vary depending on your individual situation.