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Testing and Release Provider

Medical Express Clinic COVID Test and Release PCR tests for travellers

The UK Coronavirus Task Force has announced that rules for the current 14 day quarantine for people returning to the UK from a non-travel corridor country will come to an end in mid-December this year.

The fourteen day quarantine will be replaced with a ‘test and release’ regimen where instead of quarantining for 2 weeks, after 5 days quarantine, travellers can have a COVID-19 PCR test. If this test is negative, they will no longer have to quarantine.

rating star iconAs an actor I had to do Covid PCR test before starting new projects, My father recommended Medical Express Clinic to me and I went there to do the test. It was a great experience and I like to go back there for some other check ups.

rating star iconMedical Express Clinic is very close to the underground station. I usually go there when I am ill but this time I went to do PCR test. They are an amazing team and I keep recommending them to my friends.

rating star iconJust done PCR test, the nurse was very gentle and cared a lot when I felt sick a bit.

rating star iconI needed one the dreaded PCR tests. And, in spite of the next lockdown having just being announced, they still returned my result within 24 hours.
The person who conducted the test was also very friendly and reassuring.

rating star iconI went to Medical Express Clinic to do a PCR test. What a great clinic. It’s very tidy and waiting room is big enough to not worry about social distancing. The nurse was gentle and quick. Recommended

rating star iconHonestly, save yourself a headache and if you can get a PCR Test to travel time slot here, don't even bother going anywhere else. Thanks to all the team for a highly professional and dependable service.

Adapting to change

Through the entire pandemic, at Medical Express Clinic we have made sure that we are responsive to the changing requirements that people need for travel. We are ready to help clients keep to the regulations, however often the situation changes. Our highly qualified team keep pace with the events around the Coronavirus and our clinic has successfully facilitated the travel of many thousands of people.

What are the test and release requirements for travel internationally?

For people coming from countries where a 14 day isolation would previously have been needed, self-isolation for a five day period will be the new requirement. At the end of five days a privately funded COVID PCR test has to be taken. At Medical Express Clinic we know that people will welcome this lesser disruption and we offer our expertise in quick turnaround testing to help them return to normal activity as soon as possible.

Why you should choose Medical Express Clinic for Test and Release travellers COVID PCR Testing.

We take pride in being London’s most reliable testing facility for COVID 19. Where other providers often promise more than they can deliver, we ensure that our clients are not left with stressful last minute anxiety hoping that their tests will be through in time. Results for our Test and Release service will be sent via email in password protected PDF format, alongside a signed certificate from our note explaining what your test result means.

Our 48 hour guarantee is the longest time we anticipate for results but the majority of our patients get their results within a 24-36 hour timeframe. We monitor all systems at all times to ensure that deadlines are met.

If you are planning to travel outside the UK and then return any time from the middle of December, contact us now to make arrangements for your 5 day test to be done.

rating star icon London wow, so efficient with the swab tests! called at 9 am, was seen by 11 and had the certificate the next day by 5 pm, £249 is also cheaper than the other Harley st lab - recommended!

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rating star icon LondonAfter a health scare I wanted to be seen really quickly and called Medical Express Clinic, who saw me the same day. I had blood taken for testing and I’m now starting treatment for asthma.

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rating star icon LondonA colleague recommended the Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street to me, as I needed to have a PCR swab to obtain a medical certificate for travel. I found the staff at the clinic very reassuring and will be seeing them again as my private GP clinic from now on.

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rating star icon LondonThis is the best clinic for Covid travel testing. My whole family received our results in the promised time after being completely left in the lurch with postal kits, meaning we missed our flight and wasted £800 booking another one. When I found this clinic I called and spoke to the reception, who did seem extremely busy but managed to fit the whole family in for an appointment the same day if we piled into the car and got down there asap. The guy I spoke to when I called made sure our appointment was booked around the flight times and allowed for a 24hr window in case anything went wrong - from the beginning I had a bit more confidence.
When we went into the practice, which is very clean and looks new, I spoke to the nurse who took my sample about my previous experience, which was enlightening to say the least. She told me that these guys also have the postal kits, but don't use them as the results take too long, even though the tests are much cheaper. SO it turns out other clinics using the postal tests are prioritising their margins over the service to their patients, and these are private medical clinics!! If we wanted a substandard service, we would've ordered the free NHS tests! Thanks to Medical Express, the only clinic it seems that takes the PCR tests seriously, prioritising the service over their margins.

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rating star icon London did a COVID test here and got results back the next day, did one of the postal COVID tests 5 days ago and still haven’t got my results back

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rating star icon London brilliant service for my PCR swab, it’s expensive but much cheaper than missing my flight

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What we need from you:

To comply with the standards required in delivery of the Test and Release service, we need to collect the following information from patients undergoing testing for the purpose of ending their quarantine after 5 days:

  • Full name
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • NHS number (if known and applicable)
  • Ethnicity
  • Passport Number
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of their arrival in the UK
  • Flight number or vessel name
  • Home address, including postcode, and the address at which they intend to self-isolate (if different)
  • The date on which they last departed from or transited through a country that was not a non-exempt territory or country - a destination that is not on the travel corridors list
  • The territory of country arrived from, and any territory or country transited during that journey

This information may be requested by Public Health England or other relevant authorities to corroborate testing results and to ensure that anyone who needs to, is complying. Any positive results will be reported to Public Health England, this is a statutory requirement because COVID-19 is a notifiable disease.

The Cost

The cost of a five day ‘all clear’ test is £250 allowing you to return to your normal activities up to 9 days earlier than the 14 day test regimen would allow.

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