Medical Express - GP Private Home Visit

Private GP Home Visit in London

At medical express clinic we know what a relief it can be to be able to call on a doctor to come and see you at home, when you are worried about your health. It does not always need to be at home either. Whenever you need a doctor whether that is in a hotel or even at your place of work, we will be there. You do not need to be already on our books to call on us, ours is a non-subscription service. When you need a doctor Medical Express will be at the end of the phone on 02074991991.

Friendly Staff

Our call centre will take you’re call and you will find our operators friendly and sympathetic. As the first point of contact for you, they are the first impression you will get of Medical Express and we ensure that impression is the best one. Our operators are carefully trained and will ensure that one of our private doctors is with you typically in about 90 minutes, anywhere within the London M25 area.


Our doctors will be there when you need them to provide you with a GP consultation. As well as diagnosing the problem they will also be able to dispense medication to you and if they do not carry the medication you need they will be able to obtain it for you through their access to 24-hour pharmacies. Want a phone call before a visit? We can do that too. We know that a word from an expert can be very reassuring and often, after speaking to one of our experts, you may feel that a visit is not necessary. And just to be sure that everything is fine you can have a follow up call, completely free of charge for the 24 hour period after you have been seen by one of our GP’s.

Insurance clients welcome.

At Medical Express we see a lot of patients who need an urgent doctors visit while they are on their travels. Those patients with medical insurance that covers medical emergencies including urgent GP care are welcome at Medical Express. We can provide medical assistance to customers carrying all the major travel insurances. As well as offering prompt attention when you need it, we will supply you with a full medical report including the results of any investigations that have been done for you to take home to your own doctor or give to your medical insurance provider to assist you when you submit your claim.

If we find that you need to have any more treatment or care, then Medical Express will provide you with a letter of referral to an NHS or private hospital. We also have an extensive network of leading consultants and top medical specialists in London

First Class Medical Team

Since it was founded in 1984, Medical Express has made it their business to employ only the best medical professionals. Every member of our medical team have the appropriate qualifications and are very experienced in offering care to patients both in a clinic setting and in settings that include visiting patients:

  • At home
  • In hotels
  • In Workplaces

Our team have made thousands of visits to patients who needed to see us for minor or for more severe complaints in many different places, and we can accommodate anything that helps our patients. We know that sometimes thereis no time to go to a clinic and that is why we are always ready to come to you.

Confidence and Experience

We are confident that, in London, our home visit service is one of the leading private GP home visits. Whatever the problem we will be there, on the end of the phone or in person, whatever it is that you feel you need. The reassurance and professionalism of our medical team has made all the difference to many of the people we have cared for over the years. We often hear that a desperate situation has been relieved by our intervention, because often things may not be as bad as they first seem. Whether you need reassurance of treatment Medical Express are here for you.