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Fit To Fly Certificates from Medical Express Clinic UK

Covid-19 Fit to Fly Certificate for Travel

Are you in need of a “fit to fly certificate”? Our medical experts have helped several people all over the world to fly by using our extensive and reputed service for the fit to fly.

With the flights already starting, you would like to fly to other places. You might need to offer a negative certificate for Covid-19 before boarding the flight. At Medical Express Clinic, we work with experienced doctors in UK who have already prepared various packages for your fit to fly so that you may fly wherever you want. It might be really daunting but we can help when you need further support.

What is actually a fit to fly certificate?

A fit to fly letter or fit to travel certificate is said to be a medical documentation from the doctor that verifies you are fit to fly. The private GP will provide you with a fit to fly letter when you test result for Covid-19 is negative.

Medical Express Clinic provides fit to fly certificates along with the PCR testing for Covid-19. When the test result is negative for Covid-19, our experienced doctors offers a Covid-19 certificate for your fit to fly, according to the General Medical Council practitioner in the United Kingdom.

When would I need a standard Fit To Fly certificate?

The standard Fit To Fly certificate provides proof that a doctor has certified that you are safe to fly. This kind of certificate may be used if you've been ill immediately before your departure or have some other medical condition that might be queried by the airline. At present, we observe many countries are demanding for Fit to Fly certificates to grant your entry permission. Some common scenarios when a standard Fit To Fly test and certificate might be required might be:

  • if you are recovering from surgery
  • if you've recently been discharged from hospital
  • if you are pregnant [ over 28 weeks]
  • if medical reasons are the purpose of your international travel
  • If you may require oxygen on a flight

if you think that any of these scenarios apply to you then you should start the process of getting your fit to fly certificate early so that you do not have any last minute panics over it.

covid certificate for travel

When do I need to have my test done?

We would advise you always to check what your airline requires. This is because some places will need a sample from 72 hours before you fly while others want the sample from 96 hours before you plan to fly.  We suggest that you contact the airline at the same time as you book your ticket to make sure you have the right information for your destination. We will always guarantee a 48 hour turnaround time for PCR tests. Most of them,however,will be returned to us from between 24 to 36 hours. We always suggest that you allow the full 48 hours when calculating when you should come for your test. If the time that you need to be tested is over a weekend, simply contact us to make these arrangements

What are the current regulations with regards to COVID-19 testing and travel

As we have seen, regulations with regard to travel in the COVID-19 pandemic are subject to change, and indeed we have now been informed the five day quarantine period as opposed to a 14 day quarantine is being introduced in the middle of December, with the test at the end of the five days. keep yourself up to date with the information issued by the government and with the specific requirements of the airline you are travelling with.

Is the PCR test always accurate?

The PCR tests that we carry out test for an active infection by coronavirus even if a patient has no symptoms at all. The test has a 99.9% accuracy if the sampling is done correctly. For that reason we ask that you ensure you follow the sample collection instructions precisely.

How long will my COVID-19 fit to travel certificate be valid for?

The results produced to say that you have no COVID-19 infection last only a short time which is why the time before you have the test is important to observe. Check with your airline to find out how long before you fly your test should be taken.

Is there an extra charge for a Fit To Fly certificate?

The fit to fly packages is £50 on top of a fee of £199 for your PCR test. This covers the testing and certification by a GMC registered doctor and an official stamp on your certificate. You do not need to pay for the test before hand and there will be no charge if you need to cancel, although we do ask that you try to give us 24 hours’ notice if you are not going to come for your appointment.

Will my COVID-19 PCR test be carried out in the clinic?

Yes, all tests are conducted in our clinic so that we can regulate the turn-around time and the conditions in which the tests are taken. Sometimes, when people take the swab themselves, they do not take enough material for analysis. 

Can I have this test on the NHS?

You should only ever use an NHS test facility If you have symptoms of COVID-19. The other reason that this type of test is not available on the NHS is because it is for travel and will require an actual accredited laboratory report which would not be provided by the NHS who text or email results to the people that they test. 

Can children have the PCR test?

Yes, children of all ages can take the test. However for children who are under 2 we will normally ask parents to take the swab from their infant while a member of the nursing team supervises them. 

Is it painful to have a PCR swab test?

Most people have had a PCR swab test will say that it is slightly uncomfortable but not painful. When taken from the throat can sometimes make you want to gag a little and having a swab up your nose is not that comfortable either! However the swab only takes about 10 to 15 seconds so it's all over very quickly.

Which countries require travellers to have a PCR test?

As you may have seen, this is a list that changes every day, according to the number of cases reported in each destination. You should always be guided by your airline as to what documentation or certification you need when you travel.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the right information before travel.

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What measures are in place in your clinic to make it COVID safe?

  • We have been working all the way through the earlier lockdown and this lockdown as well with very rigorous safety measures in place:
  • On arrival at our clinic you will be taken into a waiting area where only two people can be accommodated at any one time or you may be asked to wait outside in a queue until your appointment time.
  • You will be asked to use the hand sanitizer we have available before you come into the clinic and we will ask that you wear a face mask. If you don't have one, we will give you one to wear.
  • We fully sanitise each of our clinic rooms between each patients visit including everywhere they may sit and all the surfaces.
  • In reception our staff sanitise every 30 minutes to ensure that everything is safe. They also sit behind a glass barrier.
  • All of the members of our team have regular testing for COVID-19.

If you are planning to travel and looking for a COVID-19 fit to fly certificate near me then contact Medical Express Clinic today on:

How you can obtain your fit to fly certificate

We can provide you with different packages for fit to fly to meet your travel requirements. We will supply the swab results for Covid-19 or through a fit to fly letter from the General Medical Council practitioners. You need to check what kind of credentials you require for your travel and then place the order accordingly.You can find all the details in the UK Government website.

Which is the right package for your need?

We can provide you with different packages that will fulfill the fit to fly requirements. Whether you are in need of small time frame for the airlines or you require conducting a test for Covid-19 without the certificate of your doctor, we will offer you with the right package to fulfill your requirement.