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Covid 19 Coronavirus Antigen Swab Test

*Update 25/09/20 We are receiving the majority of results within 24 hours, however, please do not rely upon a 24hr turnaround. We still firmly recommend patients expect a 48 hr turnaround as the service is still under pressure.

*Update 16/09/20 Our partner laboratory is currently experiencing delays in turnaround time of up to 24 hours. As such, we can no longer guarantee results within 24 hours. If you are contacting the clinic for results or an appointment, please include the date and time of your flight. Thank you for your understanding, we continue to work as hard as we can to ensure everyone successfully boards their flight.

Covid-19 PCR Swab Test in London

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Test Certificate for International Travel and Immigration Purpose

In order to protect public health and prevent the spread of COVID-19, many airlines will ask passengers to produce negative Coronavirus swab results, before they board a flight. The requirements come in the form of a test result, and certificate if required, proving that person has tested negative for coronavirus.

Medical Express Clinic provides a 24 hour COVID-19 PCR test in London that is UKAS approved. After a swab for COVID-19 has been taken, to ensure the fastest results, Medical Express uses a London laboratory next door to their Harley Street Clinic. Once the sample has been taken it is sent to the laboratory for analysis immediately, by hand.

We do not believe in using the Postal Service to submit our samples to the laboratory, and indeed our laboratory is within walking distance of our clinic. Your Covid PCR swab test is guaranteed to be in the laboratory within one hour of you attending the clinic.

We are proud to say but we have tested thousands of travellers and in all cases have ensured those travellers have been cleared to fly. We should stress, however, that we do need a test to be taken 48 hours before departure so that there is enough time to get the test results and issue you with your fitness to travel certificate. For those who take a COVID19 PCR Swab test 48 hours before their departure they will receive their results 24 hours before they travel.

It is possible to carry out a same day test, but the requirements surrounding this are different. Please phone us for details if you need us to arrange a same day test for you.

PCR Swab Test For Covid-19 at Medical Express Clinic

Medical Express Clinic offer you with a choice of tests such as:

  • Coronavirus Testing: A PCR swab test that can check for a current infection via the presence of the SARS-COV-2/COVID-19 virus.
  • The Abbott Antibody Test: A blood test to detect levels of antibodies produced in response to a previous infection with COVID-19.

All tests are validated, CE marked and approved by Public Health England. The clinic is CQC registered with GMC registered doctors signing certificates and we have successfully facilitated hundreds of departures worldwide with a 100% success rate.

In-Clinic ‘Fit to Fly’ Test and Certificate

Our fee of £199 comprises the test fee, for which you will receive a printed copy of your results.

Our additional fee of £50 includes a signed certificate from one of our doctors declaring you as ‘fit to fly’

Antibody testing is less frequently required, but if needed will cost an additional £134.

How to book your appointment

Call us or fill in the online booking form now to schedule your Coronavirus Covid-19 PCR Swab test, so that your clinic appointment can be co-ordinated with your departing flight time and date, along with your particular travel requirements. The service is available 7 days a week. To give us a call on 020 7499 1991.

rating star icon London Excellent clinic took me for a rapid covid test to travel without notice lovely staff and nurse easy process and quick results would recommend 100% if you need tested to fly within 72 hours!

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rating star icon London wow, so efficient with the swab tests! called at 9 am, was seen by 11 and had the certificate the next day by 5 pm, £249 is also cheaper than the other Harley st lab - recommended!

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rating star icon LondonAfter a health scare I wanted to be seen really quickly and called Medical Express Clinic, who saw me the same day. I had blood taken for testing and I’m now starting treatment for asthma.

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rating star icon LondonA colleague recommended the Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street to me, as I needed to have a PCR swab to obtain a medical certificate for travel. I found the staff at the clinic very reassuring and will be seeing them again as my private GP clinic from now on.

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rating star icon LondonThis is the best clinic for Covid travel testing. My whole family received our results in the promised time after being completely left in the lurch with postal kits, meaning we missed our flight and wasted £800 booking another one. When I found this clinic I called and spoke to the reception, who did seem extremely busy but managed to fit the whole family in for an appointment the same day if we piled into the car and got down there asap. The guy I spoke to when I called made sure our appointment was booked around the flight times and allowed for a 24hr window in case anything went wrong - from the beginning I had a bit more confidence.
When we went into the practice, which is very clean and looks new, I spoke to the nurse who took my sample about my previous experience, which was enlightening to say the least. She told me that these guys also have the postal kits, but don't use them as the results take too long, even though the tests are much cheaper. SO it turns out other clinics using the postal tests are prioritising their margins over the service to their patients, and these are private medical clinics!! If we wanted a substandard service, we would've ordered the free NHS tests! Thanks to Medical Express, the only clinic it seems that takes the PCR tests seriously, prioritising the service over their margins.

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rating star icon LondonIf you are in need of a pcr test and travel certificate.This clinic gives fast results in 24 hours.My test was done yesterday morning and I got my results today as soon as I woke up.

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rating star icon London did a COVID test here and got results back the next day, did one of the postal COVID tests 5 days ago and still haven’t got my results back

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rating star icon London great for the covid swab tests for travel, absolute lifesavers!

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rating star icon London brilliant service for my PCR swab, it’s expensive but much cheaper than missing my flight

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Test Certificate

If you need a PCR swab test certificate, a letter will be included with your COVID-19 test result on letterhead paper, signed by the doctor and with the clinic stamp. If the test result is negative, then this means you are fit to fly and you can use this letter to prove your status, as needed.

We recommend that you take a copy, or keep a version of this certificate digitally, as some immigration offices will keep the copy you present them with as evidence of your status.

In-Clinic Covid 19 Test

for Travel Purposes Only - £199

You MUST NOT select this service and attend the clinic if you suspect a current coronavirus infection, or if you have any symptoms of an infection. Please select the Courier Service instead.

We are happy to provide patients in London with an in clinic service for those needing negative coronavirus swab test results in order to travel internationally.

  • Patients should contact the clinic to arrange an appointment to attend the clinic and have our nursing team take their sample.
  • Please note that appointments are not confirmed until clinic staff have been in touch to confirm your time and date.

Results will be available the next working day, and results are stamped by the clinic and signed by the doctor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly advise that you leave at least 48 hours between your appointment time and your flight time; so if your fight is on Wednesday morning, the latest you should look to schedule your appointment is Monday morning.

In the majority of cases, a negative swab result is required within 72 hours of travel, but this should be confirmed with your airline.

Yes, your PCR swab test result signed by our doctor with a medical certificate declaring you to be free of COVID, which some countries require during immigration. The cost of certification is £50. 

Please call the clinic, as we may be able to expedite your results, however this is not guaranteed, and expedited tests are subject to an additional charge.

Yes, we have performed this service successfully for whole families needing to travel.

Please check with the Border Agency whether a passport number is required on your certificate. If needed, please bring passports for all persons being tested, so that we can note the passport number on your travel certificate.