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 Blood Test

Private Blood Testing Services in Harley Street, London

Medical Express Clinic offers a full range of private blood tests in London. Whether you suspect there’s a problem or you’re looking to maintain an existing healthy lifestyle, the blood testing services offered at Medical Express are comprehensive, accurate and results are typically known, reviewed by a doctor and sent to you within 24hrs.

Feeling less than your best? Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies, as well as hormonal problems are extremely common, and can have a serious impact on your day to day life. Whether you suspect there's a problem, or you just want to maintain your existing healthy lifestyle, Medical Express Clinic in London can uncover the true results and get you back on track.

Why Choose Medical Express?

When you order a blood test, you expect the results to be correct. There are a wide range of blood testing services available, but not all of these services focus on fast and accurate results, every time.

At Medical Express, a member of our experienced nursing team will take your blood sample and assure you the accuracy of our tests without the hassle of retaking and retesting your blood or the possibility of worrying false results.

If you have a blood test at our clinic, the results will always be reviewed by our highly experienced clinic doctors and any abnormalities will be highlighted, this is included in our test price. The same doctors who review your results are on hand 7 days a week at Medical Express to advise, diagnose and treat any problems your blood test has identified. Never accept advise or interpretation of your results from anybody who is not a qualified medical practitioner, regulated by the GMC and licensed to practice medicine in the UK.

What you do with the results is up to you; however at Medical Express, along with our GPs, we have a network of leading consultant specialists for follow up treatment and we are happy to send results back to your NHS GP. Bad news can be very disarming, so take back control straight away with the full package of care Medical Express offers.

What if I'm scared of needles?

Relax, at Medical Express we have been performing blood tests for our patients for over 30 years. There's no need to compromise on the accuracy of your tests with a finger prick kit; our nursing team will ensure you have as smooth and pain-free an experience as possible, whilst still maintaining the integrity of your sample.

We have great experience with taking blood from infants and children as well as older patients and anyone who may have had some difficulty with phlebotomy before. Get in touch and be pleasantly surprised with how easy and quick the process can be.

Walk In Phlebotomy and Blood Testing

If there is a specific test you would like to request, or your practitioner has asked for, please email us - or call on 0207 499 1991 for the exact price and to book your appointment. Same day appointments for blood tests are usually available, even at weekends.

We also offer a range of screening test packages, selected by our doctors to screen for general health and identify the most common issues that we have seen in the clinic:


Silver - £85

Full Biochemistry comprising of:

Suitable for: General check up usually for healthy people to determine normal body function. Very helpful in indicating deficiencies and identifying problems.


Silver Plus - £155

As above plus Iron Levels, CK and LDH to look at muscle function For: Young, healthy and active people looking to monitor or improve physical activity and daily health. Very helpful in indicating deficiencies and identifying problems.


Gold - £210

As above

Plus Thyroid Function Test and Iron Test

Early detection of diabetes - HBA1C Test

For: All ages to have a blood assessment of overall health and organ function. Generally good to perform annually in order to monitor changes in levels. This screening tool can also be used to confirm certain diagnoses.

A PSA test can be performed in addition for men as an alternative to a manual prostate examination to detect cancer.


Platinum - £390

As above plus

CK LDH CRP to measure muscle performance

Vitamin D, B12 and Folic Acid

For: High performance athletes or those desiring a detailed and comprehensive insight into their biochemistry, organ function and muscoskeletal functions.

You are not just limited to these packages however, everybody is different and we will work with you to perform the tests that are appropriate for your age, health and lifestyle.

All test results are reviewed by one of our doctors, where any abnormalities will be highlighted. Following on from your private blood test, if there are any issues, we offer a full package of care from specialist appointments to arranging a treatment plan and ordering and collecting your medication.

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