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Child Sexual Abuse
Child Sexual Abuse

5 Ways to Talk about Body to Your Child and Prevent Sexual Abuse

It is important for parents to talk to their child about everything related to their body to keep them safe. Giving education about private body parts at an early age is necessary as these days sexual abuse is happening almost everywhere. Don't feel shy to discuss about hidden body parts to your child and make them understand why they should wear proper clothes all the time. This is a great way to make them aware about the importance of covering their body properly and thus, preventing sexual abuse. You may take your child to a clinic and make them know why the doctors need to see their body during checkups.

Discuss about body parts at young age

Responsible parents make it a point to name each part of the body to their child early and discuss about them in details. It is important to use proper names for each part or teach child about actual words for different body parts. As your child begins to feel comfortable by knowing the right words about body parts and what they exactly mean, this will help them tell you if anything wrong happens.

Teach about private parts of the body

It is essential to tell your child about private body parts clearly as they should wear proper clothes when not at home. Explain their parents and doctor can see them without clothes as mom and dad have given them birth and doctor will check their body thoroughly to detect if they are having any disease. In case they are suffering from any serious disease, take them to walk in treatment service for patients so that they recover quickly.

Talk about body boundaries to your child

You should talk to your child that no one should be allowed to touch their body parts and even they should not touch private parts of others. Sexual abuse starts with the other person asking you to touch their private parts. When your child knows about body boundaries, they can stay away from such people who may touch their hidden parts or ask them to do the same.

Tell your child not to allow anyone take pictures of private parts

It is extremely important to tell your child not to let anyone take their naked pictures. This is because they are their hidden body parts that should not be clicked and captured on others camera. This will help your child to stay away from sexual abuse who may be willing to take photos of their private parts.

Talk to your child how to get away from uncomfortable situations

Many children do not find it comfortable to tell to elders. Tell them it is perfectly okay to tell adults they want to leave if they find something wrong happening to them and use the right words to get out of uncomfortable circumstances. Also inform if someone wants to touch or see their private parts, they should leave immediately.

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