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How to Protected from Sexually Transmitted Diseases
How to Protected from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Ways to Stay Protected from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are transferred from one person to the other by bodily fluids exchanged at the time of sexual intercourse. Some common sexually transmitted diseases include Chlamydia, hepatitis, gonorrhea, herpes and Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). These diseases can seriously affect your health for long time however, Sexual Health Clinics in Harley Street has experienced doctors who take various steps to lessen the chances of dealing with an STD.

Maintain self-discipline

You can stay away from becoming a victim of sexually transmitted disease by not getting engaged in sexual activities like anal, oral and vaginal sex. Self-restraint is a great option however, it may not be desirable for some people. If abstinence is not an alternative, there are many ways to decrease the risk of infection. If you decide to remain abstinent for some time, try to educate yourself related to safe sex to prevent STDs.

Practice monogamy

The safest sexual activity is having intercourse with one partner only as long as your partner stays monogamous. It is advised that you and your partner test for Sexually Transmitted Diseases before intercourse. If none of you get infected and both are monogamous, the risk for getting infected is less.

Sexual intercourse with tested partners

Before having intercourse, make sure your partner has same day std testing at Harley Street sexual health clinic. Mostly, STDs can be tested and others can be treated, if detected on time. In case your partner test shows positive result, avoid having sex till the treatment. However, you may resume sexual activities with your partner once your doctor assures it is safe.

Talk to your partner about their sexual health

Communication is the vital key when it is about protecting yourself from an STD. Ask your partner in details about your sexual health and history and make sure he/she shows you respect. It is advised not to enjoy sex with someone who does not communicate properly about sex matters. Safe sex is always the active consent of both the partners.

Stay aware during intercourse

It is extremely important to be aware at the time of having sex with your partner. If you drink alcohol, this may lead in taking wrong decision such as unsafe sex and condom failure. Injectable drugs can spread some STDs since bodily guilds get exchanged on sharing the needles. Besides, hepatitis and AIDS usually spread when needles are shared. Make sure you are fully active to take right decision and enjoy safe sex.

Know the safe rules of sexual intercourse

Before engaging yourself in any kind of sexual activity, both of them should agree on what is known as safe sex. If you want to enjoy intercourse by using a condom, inform your partner right away. It is necessary to support each other in your desire for happy and healthy sexual relationship.

There are some STD Tests like genital herpes that spread when symptoms are evident. If your sexual partner has rashes, discharge or sores, he/she might be suffering from STD which might more likely spread. However, if you find something suspicious, it is advisable not to have sex until your partner.