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same day doctor london harley street
same day doctor london harley street

Visiting a Same Day Doctor at Harley Street Clinic

There are times when all of us would like to see a same day doctor to discuss our medical concerns. Finding a same day doctor in Harley Street who can help is easy. Just contact us at Medical Express Clinic and we will be able to help.

Give the doctor all the details

The first thing you need to do when you see the doctor is to give a good detailed, and descriptive account of the problem. People may experience symptoms differently, so being specific, detailed, and as descriptive as you can will help with diagnosis and treatment.
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You need never be embarrassed talking about anything with a medical professional. Be truthful. Withholding any information might delay you getting better. Same day doctor treat any and all medical ailments so symptoms you may be embarrassed about will no doubt be nothing new to your doctor. Anything you discuss with your doctor is by law, confidential. Summarise the problem. Mention all the symptoms, to allow for more effective diagnosis.

Explain your symptoms and be specific about where it hurts

Show the doctor where abouts you are having the problem. Knowing exactly what the problem is might help to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment for you.

Describe how symptoms started

The description of when any symptoms began and the frequency with which you have them will be very important in helping your doctor consider possible diagnoses. Tell the doctor if and when symptoms stop and how often you have them. Also let your doctor know how your symptoms affect your day to day life. Mention anything that helps ease your symptoms or makes them worse, as well as the details of any treatments like over-the-counter medication you might have taken, and if the symptoms got worse or better with that treatment.

Mention what relieves or worsens your symptoms

Tell the doctor if anything helps or makes your symptoms worse. That will help make a diagnosis and a potential treatment plan for you. If you have pain, you could describe what movemnt makes the pain worse. Maybe you might say My wrist is OK till I try to lift something, when I get a stabbing pain. In the same way describe any other things you have experienced that made your symptoms worse like food, drink, any medication you take or any particular activity.

How much does it hurt?

Describe how severe the symptoms are using a scale of 1 (virtually no pain) to 10 (the worst pain imaginable.) This will also help the doctor reach a diagnosis.

Report it, if others have similar symptoms

It is vital to tell the doctor if someone known to you or whom you are in contact with has symptoms like yours. This information might be a great help to the doctor in finding out what is wrong and it might also help to flag up any issues concerning public health.