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Visit Walk-in-Clinic to Deliver Healthy Babies
Visit Walk-in-Clinic to Deliver Healthy Babies

Visit Walk-in-Clinic for Women after 35 to Deliver Healthy Babies

Are you planning with your spouse to conceive after 35? Well, woman needs to know about the problems that may arise for old mothers and what it requires to enjoy healthy pregnancy. Many women are delaying pregnancy till they reach 30 and beyond and still giving birth to healthy babies. Mothers should take care of their health condition once they conceive in the same way they give special care to their kids.

Risks associated with late pregnancy

It might require longer time

Women are born with a restricted number of eggs. When you reach in the mid-age to late 30s, your eggs will decrease both in quantity and quality. Old woman's eggs do not fertilize easily like that of young woman. If you are more than 35 years and have not conceived in the 6 months, Visit Your Nearest Walk in Clinic in London for some advice.

You will probably have several pregnancies

The chance of giving birth to twins usually increases as you become old. Vitro fertilization is the use of reproductive technologies that has an important role in getting twins.

You may develop gestational diabetes

This kind of diabetes is quite common as women become aged. It is important to have strict control on the sugar level through physical exercise and diet chart. Sometimes, you may even have to take medicines, as prescribed by the doctor. If left untreated, gestational diabetes can even cause a baby to grow larger than normal that increases the risks of some kind of injury at the time of delivery.

You can possibly develop high pressure

High blood pressure which occurs at the time of pregnancy is usually found in older women. Talk to your gynae expert at London walk in clinic who will monitor your pressure carefully and even the growth of your baby. You may have to take proper medication or deliver the baby before due date in order to prevent certain complications.

You may have low birth weight and premature child

Babies who are born premature or with less weight often suffer from serious complications that require proper medical treatment on time.

You may require a C-section

Old women have high risks of pregnancy complications that may compel them to have a C-section delivery like placenta previa. This is a condition when the placenta blocks the cervix.

Abnormalities in chromosome are higher

Babies born to old mothers usually have higher risk of some chromosome issues like Down syndrome.

The risks of miscarriage are higher

There is a risk of pregnancy loss due to still birth and miscarriage with old age. This usually occurs due to fetal chromosomal abnormalities or pre-existing medical conditions. Get in touch with your Private Gynaecologist in London for monitoring the health condition of your would-be-born baby at the last week of pregnancy.

Though it is always necessary to perform further research related to pregnancy, child birth and complications associated with it, studies suggest woman's age at the time of conception may have certain health risks for their kids. Yet, you should consider pregnancy as a great opportunity to take care of your baby and prepare yourself for some exciting changes in life.