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Facts about Seasonal Cold and Cough
Facts about Seasonal Cold and Cough

6 Unrevealed Facts about Seasonal Cold and Cough

Our body gets susceptible to infections, cold and coughs very often, due to exposure to respiratory viruses and allergic agents. These viruses do not skip a single chance of attacking our immune system. Be it heavy rains, cold winters or hot summers, you are likely to catch cold anytime of the year. When you feel sick due to a weak immune system, it is advised to contact a physician at the reputed Medical clinics in London. If you incessantly catch a cold or cough, you need to know some crucial facts about the common conditions of cold. Stay glued and keep reading to know some of these important facts.

1. Less exposure to sunlight weakens immune system

In winters, when the days become shorter, the time we are exposed to direct sunlight lessens naturally. The lack of sunlight exposure leads to vitamin D deficiency which weakens our immune system. As the ability of the system to fight viruses is reduced, bacteria and microorganisms gets affected, they multiply faster and cause infections like cold.

2. Dry and cold winds cause throat irritation

The cold and dry winds during winters, dry out the nose that irritates the lungs and throat. This irritation causes cough and even breathing problems in extreme cases. It is advised to visit a walk in gp in London, if the condition persists.

3. Heavy Rains are a reason behind recurring cold

When there is a downpour the chances of pneumonia rises in people who already suffer from lung infections. The rain lovers might love to get drenched in unpredictable heavy rainfalls, but remain unaware of the increased chance of cold and cough. The first thing a walk in doctor enquires is whether you were exposed to rain. So, it is advised that you protect yourself to stay away from such infections.

4. Hot summer winds increase respiratory allergies

You sweat a lot in summers due to the hot winds blowing continuously. The dust particles and sweat initiates throat irritation making it dry and sore. This ultimately leads to dry cough and the sudden exposure to hot sun from an air-conditioned room can also cause cold due to the changing temperature atmosphere.

5. Allergies cause cough and breathing problems

If you have dust allergy, you will suffer from recurring cold and cough during summers. When you breathe in smoggy air, the pollution attacks your lungs affecting its functionality. It leads to irritation and uneasiness in the throat and chest and can also cause inflammation of lungs protective lining.

6. Cold and flu becomes common in rainy season

It gets really difficult to stay away from the conditions of cold and flu during rainy season. The initial symptom of the condition is headache and irritation in the throat, as the condition worsens, a running nose and nasal blockage become apparent.

Apart from these, the most important thing to consider is that cold and coughing is no more confined to seasonal changes. To stay protected from the harmful infecting viruses, it is recommended that you pay regular visits at a Walk in GP Clinic in London. You can trust Medical Express Clinic for the purpose, as the physicians practising there are highly qualified and skilled in their concerned medical fields.