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understanding sexual health
understanding sexual health

Sexual Health Blogs for better Understand Sexual Health

It is a fact that blogs offer a great way to inform and educate and because one of the areas that offers the best and most vital information health is the specialist health blog we wanted to celebrate the bloggers who bring us knowledge in various health specialties.

There are many blogs that cover everything from depression to diabetes. This week our doctors are discussing about sexual health blog sites for healthy living.

Here are list of top blogs :

1. Kinsey Institute Confidential; (Kinsey Confidential)

With input from various specialists in sexual health the blog provided from the Kinsey Institute offers up to date information as well as scientific facts about sexual health. There are also podcasts and of course very good quality blogs to read. If you want to catch up with what is on offer then follow them on twitter.

2. Better than I ever Expected

This is a blog that will appeal to the mature reader. The Price offers no excuses talk on senior sex sexual health in the older person as well as menopause issues. She is unconstrained and liberated and sometimes erotic. Follow her on twitter.

3. Dr Petra

This site is a great source of sexual health issues and content and often features case studies. In fact Dr Petra Boynton writes for The Telegraph and has won awards for the work that she has done in sexual health. There is a very good resource section in the blog that will link to UK support sources. Follow their news on twitter.

4. The STD Project

This blog tackles the stigma that often comes with STIs Although the blog author is not a doctor she is an expert due to her experience dealing with her own STI issues. This is very personal information and aimed at people who feel isolated by having an STI. See what she has to say on Facebook.

5. The Hepatitis B Foundation

This blog is specifically for those who suffer from Hepatitis B and combines scientific facts and findings and personal observations. It's a great place to go for care and reassurance. Follow them on twitter.

6. Shawn and Gwenn

This co-written blog is one that draws on the experience of the authors to open the way to talk about sexual health. With a unique blend of candour and humour they appeal to students as well as adults of all ages. Follow them on twitter for regular news and updates.

7. Dr Jenns Den

Jennifer Gunsaullus, Ph.D Dr. Jenn is a sociologist who does a lot of public speaking on sexuality, raises awareness and also offers counseling and an holistic approach to sexual health. Her Facebook page is regularly updates.

8. Exploring Intimacy

Offering relationship advice, as well as advice on sexual health Dr Ruth Neustifter, has a degree in child and family development. She is on twitter so go there for her words of wisdom.

9. Suggestive Tongue

Even although she is an undergraduate, Lorelei already has a vast amount of knowledge of offer on all issues relating to sexuality. Speaking openly about monogamy, polygamy and occasionally delving into neuroscience this is a candid blog written mainly from personal experience. Twitter is the place to catch her.

We hope that you found our suggestions helpful and we are always here for you. If you feel you could benefit from us just visit or walk into our clinic for sexual health test in London.