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5 Things You Should Consider When Selecting a Travel Clinic
5 Things You Should Consider When Selecting a Travel Clinic

5 Things You Should Consider When Selecting a Travel Clinic

Most people want to travel to a foreign country without thinking how they can protect their health during the trip. However, consulting with a travel health specialist is the key to your safe and successful journey. As no two clinics are the same, you need to conduct thorough research before choosing the right one for your need. Go through these five questions when you begin your search for a travel health clinic or a specialist.

What is the quality of care provided in the clinic?

When choosing a travel health clinic, you need to search for a clinic that considers proper healthcare to be their main priority. The specialists will listen to your concerns carefully, discuss about your medical record and evaluate your present health condition. You should not rush into everything when you don’t know certain aspects of travel medicine. The main objective of the clinic is to help you stay fit and healthy by educating you on the dangers of the particular country that you are travelling to and provide you with the suitable preventions & solutions.

How much industry expertise should the clinic have?

You need to contact a travel health specialist who works in the clinic with several years of experience and comprehensive knowledge in the travel medicine industry as well as preventative care. The clinic will focus completely on travel medicine and travel health, and should be knowledgeable on different conditions related to your destinations and layovers.

Is the clinic a state-certified provider for yellow fever vaccine?

If you are planning to visit Africa, Latin America or Southeast Asia, then you should consider taking a vaccination for yellow fever. These immunisations are offered by authorised providers only that ensure complete safety and quality of the vaccine administered to higher-risk groups.

Is it possible to get all the vaccines you require?

Choosing a good travel health clinic provides much more than routine vaccinations such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diphtheria, HPV, mumps, measles, polio, rubella and shingles. The travel health specialists should be well-qualified to offer specialty vaccinations against yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, anthrax, rabies and typhoid. They should be able to evaluate your needs and offer you the right prophylactic medication for malaria, antibiotics for traveler’s diarrhoea, and other travel supplies, as required.

Is the clinic close to your location?

You should visit a travel health specialist within four weeks before you may plan to depart. Other than the initial vaccination, extra booster shots might be needed to attain proper immunity levels for the conditions that you might face. A strict schedule should be followed for completing the vaccination series. When traveling to higher-risk areas that can potentially be a danger to your health, you are not only putting your health at risk by not following the recommended by your doctor schedule for the vaccines but will also prevent yourself from experiencing your travels to their fullest.

Selecting a travel medicine clinic within your specific travel area should be consideredas it will be greatly beneficial to you. This will enable you to follow vaccination schedules and complete fixed appointments with maximum ease.

After you find the largest travel clinic in London, it is advised to call the local office and fix your appointment. If you need to measure the quality of your visit after the appointment, don’t forget to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did the travel health specialist allow you to ask questions?
  • Do you think the specialist was listening to you carefully?
  • Has the specialist been comfortable when answering your questions?
  • Did the travel health specialist talk to you properly?
  • Do you feel the specialist has spent sufficient time with you?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then the clinic is definitely a certified yellow fever provider. Thus, your visit to the travel health clinic will be beneficial only when you can get all the vaccines that you need and it is located near your house or office.