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Taking the Waiting out of Testing with Medical Express Clinic, London
Taking the Waiting out of Testing with Medical Express Clinic, London

Taking the Waiting out of Testing with Medical Express Clinic London

These days it seems that there is a blood test for everything and the range of what is tested can seem quite bewildering. For basic cholesterol, the traditional fasting blood test is still the test of choice. But even here there are different types of tests with different values measured.

At Medical Express Clinic we have put together a few thoughts to help you understand the importance of cholesterol testing better.

Total cholesterol

This is the simplest and cheapest test. This can be done without fasting, and you could even do-it-yourself at home. A reading of 200* is good, then 200-239 is high normal; and a reading of 240 or more is considered high.

Early Warning

Although eating before the test will not affect total cholesterol or HDL greatly, levels can and read lower as a result of stress (psychological or physical) or even if there is an infection present. Any injury sustained, a heart attack, or stroke may also read low. It is also the case that the first sign of cancer might be a dramatically lowered cholesterol reading. If you have been tested and your cholesterol levels are unusually low or high, your doctor will normally recommend repeating the blood test a few weeks later. Abnormal readings might also mean that you could benefit from tests for a variety of other medical problems.

In the Hands of Professionals.

For those of us who like to put ourselves in the hands of professionals to ensure that our blood levels are checked regularly, the Medical Express Clinic, London can offer the full range of blood tests. Arranging a private blood test is easy. At our Private Blood Tests Clinic in London, friendly staff will be happy to arrange an appointment for blood testing for you.

Fast Results to put Your Mind at Rest

If you have concerns about your health you will want to have answers fast. When you are worried it is not always the greatest comfort to be told that you blood tests will be back in a week. At Medical Express we can arrange a blood test at our private blood test clinic in London, and because we know that it is important to put your mind at rest we can offer same day results on many of these tests.

Many Harley St Clinic in London is now arranging for private blood tests because they are easy and fast and will give them the results they need to put their mind at rest.