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Gum clinic in London
Gum clinic in London

A Short Discussion by GUM Clinic Experts to Improve Sex Drive

Life, in the modern times, is too complicated for almost any man or woman to have a naturally high libido. Hectic work hours, high mental stress and anxiety, modern contraceptives to facilitate birth-control, prescription medication, insufficient nutrition along with a series of chronic medical conditions are the reasons behind it. Medical experts in London also point out blood sugar, obesity, high blood pressure, exhaustion of the adrenaline gland and dysfunctional thyroids are some of the major medical conditions that lead to poor sexual drive and libido.

Expert from Medical Expess Clinic have some useful suggestions for you in the following paragraphs to overcome the problem.

Sex drive and its complications:

Human sex drive is a complex phenomenon. It involves a number of factors, including your personality, relationship status, genetic formation, gender, overall health and lifestyle. Thus, it is a very dynamic phenomenon, which changes from time to time. It is no wonder, your sex drive is greatly affected time and again by your personal and emotional swings and developments.

Role of sex hormones in sex drive:

Estrogen and testosterone are the sex hormones found in women and men. A woman, who's yet to reach the menopause stage , will have her libido governed by changing hormonal cycles. It will be on the rise during the first half of the menstrual cycle and then touch the summit during ovulation. Our expert from the GUM clinic in central London says, at this stage, a woman is also at the height of fertility. On the other hand, men diagnosed with low libido are usually found to have a low testesterone level. Incidentally, men are found to respond better to sex hormone supplementation treatments compared to the womenfolk.

Tips to boost your sex drive

Check your diet:

To boost your libido, it is important to redefine your diet chart, including as much aphrodisiacs as possible. Focus on having more fish, sea foods and various types of nuts round the year. On the other hand, hot peppers capsaicin facilitates prompt releasing of natural endorphin pain killers in your body. Vitamin B lessens the mental stress level, whereas Amino acids produce sex hormones.

Exercise regularly:

Regular exercise is a great way to boost your sex drive. However, make sure you don't push yourself to the level of physical exhaustion while working out. This may have a reverse effect and further bring your libido down.

Cut down stress and anxiety:

Stress and anxiety level greatly affects your mood swing, which in turn affects your intimate moments with your partner. Mental stress is a great factor, which shapes up your sex drive. As a cascading effect, it sets in motion a chain of negative hormonal changes in your body to diminish your sexual appetite. Experts from the walk-in GUM clinic in London thus, suggest patients to cut down on anxiety in order to enjoy great sex.

According to them, long-term stress not just diminishes the production of reproductive hormone like GnRH, rather increases GnIH, which further decreses production of sex hormones like testosterone and estradiol.