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Same day STD testing
Same day STD testing

Same day STD testing in London

The Medical Express Clinic is a leading private sexual health facility in London, on Harley Street. If you have concerns about STDs and want immediate attention and results so you can put your mind at ease, then the Medical Express Clinic is just what you need. We offer same day std testing in London quickly and discreetly in a very professional manner. We always put your health and individual needs first.

Alongside an effective medical plan, our health experts will provide you with helpful advice and answer any health-related questions that you may have.

We understand the importance of your health very well, therefore we provide a same-day visit to the clinic; after all, we are a Walk in Clinic. This is great both for your health and your mental state. Normally, you would have to go through a long process before you see a professional that can take proper care of your concerns and determine a treatment plan. At the Medical Express Clinic, everything is very fast-paced so that we can get your results out as soon as possible and determine a treatment plan immediately if needed. We have been providing high-quality healthcare services to our patients for the last 30 years which is why we have earned a reputable name in the medical industry.

This, however, is not where things end. There are many more reasons why you should pick our clinic to effectively deal with your health issues.

Other reasons why you should use our services:

  • No personal details are necessary
  • We provide late service; until 9 PM on weekdays
  • Helpful, discrete and professional staff
  • Completely confidential STD testing in London
  • Results within 24 hours and are always reviewed by a doctor
  • Follow-up treatment if necessary and total package of care

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our medical staff at the e-mail or phone number provided below immediately; they will be very happy to help you out and ease your health concerns.

Our E-mail : [email protected]
Phone Number : 020 7499 1991