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Private Gynaecology Services
Private Gynaecology Services

Private Gynaecology Services and Infertility Symptoms in Women

These days infertility is a major concern across the civilised society. This condition has developed because of a number of reasons. Instead of discussing those factors, let's try to explore the symptoms associated with infertility. According to a leading gynae practitioner in London, a large number of the couples suffering from infertility don't have any tell-tale symptom either. They just don't have any reason to suspect that they suffer from the problem unless of course trying to conceive.

Considering this fact, female-health experts associated with a renowned Private Gynaecology Clinic in London suggest couples, who're trying to conceive for over a year with unsuccessful attempts to seek immediate medical advice. As infertility problem becomes increasingly complex with age, women above 35 should seek clinical diagnosis when they fail to get conceived for a period of 6 months at a stretch.

Symptoms related to infertility in women

First of all, it's important to mention that the signs and symptoms of infertility vary widely. Yet, the common symptoms among women include the following:

Irregular periods:

On an average, a woman's cycle is 28-day long. But a slight change to that is considered normal till the cycles are consistent. So, a woman may have a 33-day cycle in a month, 35-day cycle in the next month and a 31-day cycle in the following month and likewise. All these are signs of normal periods for the woman concerned. On the other hand, if the cycles vary widely such that she isn't able to estimate when her period may arrive 'she's having irregular periods. Such irregular periods are usually related to PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) or hormonal issues. Both these conditions contribute to infertility.

Heavy or painful periods:

Experiencing cramps is very common during periods. But if you suffer from severe pain, which disrupts your normal life during your periods then it is definitely not normal. Such symptoms are usually related to the medical condition of endometriosis.

Painful sexual intercourses:

Some women always experience painful sex and you should know this isn't something very normal. This may occur due to hormonal issues, endometriosis or any other medical condition, that contribute to infertility.

No periods:

It is normal for any woman to have a month off here and there as far as periods are concerned. Stress and exhaustion 'both physical and mental are the factors that make your period disappear temporarily. But if your periods are withheld for months together, you just need to go for fertility check.

Hormonal fluctuations:

Hormonal fluctuations in the body are also potential to fertility problems. If you're experiencing issues with the skin, a lowered libido or sex drive, putting on weight, thinning hair or facial hair growth, just get a fertility check done on an immediate basis.

These suggestions come from one of the best gynecologists in London. Don't ignore these tips if you don't want infertility to rob one of the best gifts of life called motherhood from you.