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pre employment medical screening
pre employment medical screening

Pre Employment Medical Screening – Recruit Healthy & Fit Employees

The management of some reputed and usually large companies believe that before hiring new employees, a healthcare pre-employment test should be carried out. The motive of such examination is to make sure that a fit and healthy candidate is employed at the company so that a safe and healthy environment is maintained inside the office premises. It is a well-planned approach towards the well-being of the workers, co-workers and visitors in the company. Several companies in London have their private health clinic to perform the assessment for its to-be-employed candidates.

Another important reason for performing pre employment medical test is to confirm, if the company meets the conditions of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Read on to know more about the approach with elaborated details.

About Disability Discrimination Act

To ensure that there is no discrimination for the disabled in the work and career fields, the government introduced Disability Discrimination Act in 1995. It was made sure that each individual gets equal work opportunities despite their disability. So, it has become a legal obligation applicable for almost all public sector companies to perform recruitments regardless of a person’s disability.

The employees need to make certain adjustments in their work, like:

  • Duty Alteration
  • Arranging special equipment
  • Work Assistance from co-workers
  • Altering offices or furniture for easy physical access
  • Accepting time and place flexibilities

The process of conducting health assessments

Almost all healthcare employment screening is carried out using any one or more ways mentioned below:

  • A questionnaire assessment that is based on health queries
  • Full body check up by a doctor
  • A personal interview with the manager and doctor, especially if there is a health condition mentioned in the questionnaire.

The collected information

The information collected from the health screening process is utilised to advise the managing heads about the necessary changes to be done in the office environment if any. These arrangements should be in favour of the recruitments of disabled or people suffering from chronic diseases. From the information gathered, it is also decided if any employee or staff memebers requires to undertake medical or health training.

If the job requirement involves any of the points mentioned below, the concerned employee needs to undergo specific health check ups.

  • Working with patients
  • Working with babies or children
  • Getting in contact of animals and pets
  • Handling harmful pathogens
  • Any work which requires health surveillance
  • Night duty
  • Handling food
  • Driving vehicles
  • Work that demands strong colour vision

The results

The employees who undergo pre employment testing are classified into “fit” and “unfit” category. The ones who come under “fit” category are taken as healthy and is legitimate of getting hired for the job. The unfit candidates denote that they have a health condition which restricts them from doing the concerned job. Another category is formed, “provisionally fit” which says that a person has a medical condition but can be observed under the work area before making the final decision.

The companies conduct pre employment medical assessment to recruit fit and healthy employees. This helps them have easy connection with the medical centre, as one can reach the place in no time.