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pre employment checks
pre employment checks

Why Hiring Managers Want to Perform Pre-Employment Checks

Pre-employment checks are an essential part of the recruitment process that allows lessening the risk associated with hiring a wrong candidate. While references are a vital part of pre-employment checks, hiring managers are checking the social media profiles of candidates before hiring them. You may assess the authenticity of a candidates’ work record, history, health checkups and financial background if you think it is essential for your business.

Why is it necessary to perform pre-employment checks?

Pre-employment checks will enable you to know if whether a candidate is suitable for the specific role and that he/she possesses the necessary skills and qualifications. They will also confirm whether the candidate can do all kinds of work and they are legally allowed to work in the UK.

When should you conduct pre-employment checks?

Checks usually begin after you interview candidates though they can be done before or after a job offer. There are pros and cons associated with what are pre-employment checks in the UK.

What happens before a job offer?

Before a job offer may lessen the time required between offering someone the job and their starting date since proper investigations will be done for the candidate. It means that if they find any negative feedback about the hired candidate, they can always move to the next candidate. However, it can be quite expensive when selecting between different candidates and you should be legally allowed to do so.

What happens after the job offer?

Finally, you have only one candidate after the selection is done. However, if it does not work out, then you may have to begin interview process from the scratch. Inform the candidate why they have not qualified which can be quite difficult for them if they have already given notice to their present company. This might even lead to financial burden for some candidates till they get another job.

Know about legal requirements

If you have hired someone who is not a citizen of UK, then you need to check if they have the right to work here. You may be obliged to pay for statutory penalties if you hire foreign nationals who do not have a proper visa with them. Employers can even request for criminal record checks as an essential part of the recruitment process.
Take help of social media for recruitment

Nowadays, hiring managers use social media profile of candidates before selecting a candidate. If they have a good profile, chances are the candidate will get hired. In case, there is something negative in their profile, the hiring manager will reject the candidate immediately.

References have a vital role in the selection process

Recommendations are a suitable way to know whether you are the right candidate and will fit with the culture of the company. It is quite difficult to understand how they are going to work regularly from the interview. It is equally important to check CV of the candidate because you may find some candidates provide wrong information about them in today’s competitive market.

You must ask for:

  • Employment dates and details
  • Major responsibilities
  • Attendance record
  • Any disciplinary actions against them
  • Reasons why they should not be employed.

You may also ask other questions such as:

  • What were their greatest strengths?
  • Do they think themselves suitable for the applied post?
  • Would they want to rehire the candidate?
  • What type of management do they work the best?
  • Do they possess any leadership skills?
  • Are there any particular situations where they have excelled?

Can you withdraw a job offer after pre-employment checks?

You may withdraw a job offer if the checks denote something negative as you had told the candidate about the checks while making the offer. The candidate should know about any job offer pending for pre-employment checks.

What can appear on a background check?

A background check is a process by which you can find the right candidate by checking their educational background, employment history, civil and criminal records, references, etc. With a background check, the company will be able to remain safe during the selection process.

How much time will pre-employment checks take?

Mostly, background checks are done between three days to one week. On the other hand, FBI checks require almost 30 days. Though some background checks can be done instantly, these depend on the databases that may be inaccurate or incomplete.

You may hire someone to work for you before completing all checks and ask to work for a probationary period. However, you should make them aware of the type of work they need to do and give them a notice period in written form if you are planning to terminate them soon.