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Feb 2017
sexually transmitted diseases small

Complete Guide to Various Sexually Transmitted Infections

There are many STDs that can be detected with the help of various tests such as blood, urine and swa...

 6 Feb 2017


Jan 2017
When to See a Doctor for Your Migraine

When is the Right Time to Visit Your Private Doctor for Migraine

Headaches can cause disturbing and painful situations, although not considered as a serious medical ...

 27 Jan 2017


Jan 2017
few medical tests to save your life small

Few Medical Tests from a Private Clinic to Save Your Life

From infants to active young adults, anyone can fall sick all of a sudden due to unknown reasons. At...

 17 Jan 2017


Jan 2017
heart attack

Risk Factors of a Heart Attack

Otherwise known as myocardial infarction, a heart attack will occur when the blood flow to the heart...

 9 Jan 2017


Dec 2016
private gynaecologist

Private Gynaecologist in London Talks about IVF

There is no doubt that today IVF – in vitro fertilisation - is something that everyone has hea...

 30 Dec 2016


Dec 2016
Love Your Liver This Christmas

Give Your Liver Some Love This Christmas Season

The Christmas season is underway now and office parties are coming fast and furious. But a big party...

 22 Dec 2016


Dec 2016
best gynecologist in london

Many Women will be diagnosed with Gynaecologic Cancers Annually

What are Gynaecological Cancers?   Often called silent killers, gynaecological cancers are an...

 15 Dec 2016

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