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Jun 2016
tips on blood testing at private clinic

Private Blood Test at Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street, London

For those who are not keen on blood or needles having a blood test can be daunting. But even for tho...

 14 Jun 2016


Jun 2016
A Sexual Health Clinic Guide to Sti

A Sexual Health Clinic in London Guide to STI’s

We thought that we would answer the most commonly asked question that we hear from our harley street...

 6 Jun 2016


May 2016
how chronic stress affects your health

How Chronic Stress Effects Health - Medical Express Clinic Report

There is no doubt that life is stressful.  Moving home, family conflicts, job troubles, debt, t...

 30 May 2016


May 2016
tips to find your ideal doctor

Seven Great Tips to Find Your Ideal Doctor

When you are looking for a walk in doctor in London who will offer you a walk in doctor appointment,...

 21 May 2016


May 2016
Guide to Sexual Health Services small

Essential Guide to Sexual Health Services at Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street

A sexual health service is a service accessed by people of all ages, of any ethnic origin or sexual ...

 12 May 2016


May 2016
same day doctor

Visiting a Same Day Doctor at Harley Street Clinic

There are times when all of us would like to see a same day doctor to discuss our medical concerns.&...

 3 May 2016


May 2016
understanding high cholesterol

Understanding High Cholesterol

Knowing the symptoms and causes of a high blood cholesterol level High cholesterol – what are...

 3 May 2016

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