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Period After Miscarriage
23 May 2019

How Long Will It Take To Have Your First Period After Miscarriage

If get your periods on your schedule, you are probably going to get your periods in a month after miscarriage. However, things may not look that bright if your menstrual cycle is irregular. When Ca ...

6 Health Threats for Men
07 May 2019

Top 6 Health Threats that Men need to be Aware About

Life expectancy in males is shorter than that in women. Although this gender gap is slowly closing, yet men go to sleep in their graves at least 5 years earlier than their wives. A renowned general ...

Cancer - Diagnosis and treatment
09 Apr 2019

Cancer – Diagnosis and Treatment

Blood Tests: Important Tools in Early Cancer Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment While there are a wide range of sorts of cancer, something that for all intents and purposes are that they can be mos ...

GUM Clinics – What You Should Expect from Them on Your Visit
13 Mar 2019

GUM Clinics – What You Should Expect from Them on Your Visit

These days, sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are very common. These problems can make one’s life very miserable. As a result, consciousness for sexual health is steadily rising, says a leadi ...

most common allergies
27 Feb 2019

Common Allergies to Your Body and How You Can Overcome Them

Allergies are a common reaction caused to the body due to some foods or substances. More than 1 out of 4 people are affected in the UK at some point of time in their life. Both children and adults ...

Situations When Lab Reports are Normal But You Still Feel Sick
13 Feb 2019

Handling Situations When Lab Reports are Normal But You Still Feel Sick

You feel sick but your reports show normal. This is something very common and happens to a lot of people. What is the best thing to do in such scenario? Dr Arshad H. Rather – a renowned consultan ...

hypothyroidism signs symptoms and treatment
30 Jan 2019

Everything to know about Hypothyroidism its Symptoms and Treatment

These days, the term hypothyroidism can be heard very frequently because an increasing number of men and women are starting to suffer from this medical condition. As a result of this problem, the t ...

Differences Between HIV and AIDS
15 Jan 2019

The Differences Between HIV and AIDS that Most People are Ignorant About

Many people confuse AIDS and HIV. In simple terms, HIV is a virus which can lead to a condition called AIDS. To make things more confusing, it’s relevant mentioning that AIDS is also known as sta ...

best gynaecologist london
28 Dec 2018

Crucial Aspects to Consider While Choosing Your Right Contraceptive

Currently, as many as 15 different contraceptive methods are recognised in the UK. It is your responsibility to find out the best one for you. To choose the right contraceptive, a top-notch doctor ...

Tested Facts to Pregnancy
14 Dec 2018

6 Tried and Tested Facts to Improve the Chances of Pregnancy

Once you decide to start a family, you will become impatient for it to become a reality. This impatience is very common and happens to almost everybody. Nature plays a crucial role in putting you o ...

Testing for Allergy in Children
05 Dec 2018

Testing for Allergy in Children Suffering from Seasonal Reactions

Seasonal allergies are very common in kids. These symptoms usually last long and put them in sufficient inconvenience like running nose, irritation in the eyes and others. Mild to moderate cases of ...

pre employment checks
28 Nov 2018

Why Hiring Managers Want to Perform Pre-Employment Checks

Pre-employment checks are an essential part of the recruitment process that allows lessening the risk associated with hiring a wrong candidate. While references are a vital part of pre-employment c ...

Sexual Health Clinic
22 Nov 2018

What You Can Expect from the Sexual Health Clinic at Your First Visit

Are you worried about your sexual health? Well, it is important to conduct tests for sexually transmitted infections or STIs from time to time to know more about your health condition. If you had n ...

Full Medical Check Up
15 Nov 2018

Everything You Want to Know About a Full Medical Check-up

A general examination of your body conducted by the GP or registered doctor is often termed as a full physical examination. The examination covers almost all the basic systems of your body, includi ...

The Harley Street Clinic
08 Nov 2018

Why Choose The Private Clinic in Harley Street London – Medical Express Clinic

The Medical Express Clinic is a reliable name across the world of modern medical care and treatment in London. We are centrally located at 117A Harley Street in Marylebone and thus, patients from f ...

How to Get Pregnant Fast
29 Oct 2018

How to Get Pregnant Quickly By Enjoying Sex with Your Partner

You must have enjoyed sex with your partner for years yet have been able to prevent pregnancy till date. How do you feel at the moment when you decide to have your own baby? Most women want to conc ...

us data population
15 Oct 2018

U.S. Data Has Highlighted the Dangers to its Population

The preliminary data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the National STD Prevention Conference in Washington, D.C have found that almost 2.3 million cases about gon ...

problems of memory loss
05 Oct 2018

The Problem of Memory Loss – Its Causes and Cure

It’s a pet plot in commercial movies that a person receives a blow to the head and suddenly loses all his memory. He won’t be able to remember himself and wander aimlessly. Although memory loss ...

Choosing Between a Paediatrician or a Family Doctor
25 Sep 2018

Choosing Between a Paediatrician or a Family Doctor for Your Child

It is a vital decision on the part of the parents to decide whom they can trust upon as the health care provider for their child. An important question in this regard is, “Whether they should sel ...

Private Contraception Clinic In London
01 Sep 2018

Private contraception clinic in London

The Medical Express Clinic is a highly reputed private walk-in clinic situated on Harley Street in London. We have been serving our patients since 1984 and since, we have amassed a fantastic reputa ...

Discreet STD Testing
27 Aug 2018

Discreet STD Testing

The Medical Express Clinic is a leading Sexual Health and GUM Clinic on Harley Street, London. We offer a wide range of STD testing for individuals that have serious health concerns on the matter t ...

What is STD (STI)
21 Aug 2018

What is STD (STI)

A sexually transmitted infection, or STI is any type of viral or bacterial infection that is mostly spread through having sexual contact and intercourse. Any sexually transmitted infection will nee ...

Same day STD testing
20 Aug 2018

Same day STD testing in London

The Medical Express Clinic is a leading private sexual health facility in London, on Harley Street. If you have concerns about STDs and want immediate attention and results so you can put your mind ...

Facts about Stockholm Syndrome
11 Aug 2018

Important Facts about Stockholm Syndrome You Should be Aware of

Stockholm syndrome usually takes place when the hostage grows a positive feeling strongly towards the captivator. It had first been reported in Stockholm and thus, got its name. You will find four ...

5 Great Tips to Choose the Right Paediatrician for Your Baby
23 Jul 2018

5 Great Tips to Choose the Right Paediatrician for Your Baby

Many upcoming and newbie parents find it tough to zero in upon a right paediatrician. This is indeed a crucial task for them by all means. It’s also important to choose a specialist whom they can ...

Private Consultant Gynaecologist
16 Jul 2018

Private Consultant Gynaecologist Speaks About Pelvic Floor Repair Surgery

Pelvic floor repair is the most common surgical procedure for prolapse – the surgical repair of the pelvic floor. A renowned gynae expert in London explains further: “ Anterior repair invol ...

Contraceptive Options for the Prevention of Pregnancy
02 Jul 2018

Contraceptive Options for the Prevention of Pregnancy

Nowadays, there are many different contraceptive options for women to suit their health and lifestyle. Methods include hormonal and non-hormonal methods. You may visit a private gynaecology centre ...

15 Jun 2018

5 Digestive Conditions to be treated from Your Doctor

Many gastrointestinal problems are very common and in this blog we will help you identify any and to know when you need to see private doctors in London. If you have any of these problems, talk to ...

Health Tests that are Necessary for a Better Life
06 Jun 2018

4 Health Tests that are Necessary for a Better Life

With age, it is important to take care of health condition. By performing routine health checkups that requires only a few minutes, you can detect the problems at an early stage which makes them ea ...

Natural Family Planning
28 May 2018

Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Your Gynaecological Conditions

NFP or natural family planning is increasingly popular as more and more couples across the UK are counting on it to avoid unwanted pregnancy. In case you’re not absolutely certain about how it wo ...

health issues homeless people face
15 May 2018

Common Health Problems Faced by Homeless People

Research has been conducted in discovering the relation between homelessness and health. This is actually a two-way street in which homelessness and poverty may lead to serious health problems whil ...

Private Gynaecology Services
07 May 2018

Private Gynaecology Services and Infertility Symptoms in Women

These days infertility is a major concern across the civilised society. This condition has developed because of a number of reasons. Instead of discussing those factors, let’s try to explore the ...

Gynaecological Problems
27 Apr 2018

3 Gynaecological Problems Every Woman Should Know at an Early Stage

Abnormal menstrual bleeding usually occurs due to hormonal imbalance. Most women do not understand the signs related to gynaecological problems and do not know about unrelated symptoms for the repr ...

Essential Medical Tests to Ensure Your Safe and Successful Prgenancy
18 Apr 2018

Essential Medical Tests to Ensure Your Safe and Successful Pregnancy

Apparently, pregnancy is a very simple phenomenon. A sperm and an egg meet and after 9 months, a baby takes birth. In reality, however, there’re immense lot of complications in it, involving myri ...

4 Basic Facts on Menopause from Private Gynaecologist
06 Apr 2018

4 Basic Facts on Menopause from Private Gynaecologist

Menopause is a common physiological condition that affects every woman at a certain age. During this period, you won’t have any menstrual period and it typically occurs anywhere between the late ...

ways reduce risk gynecologic cancer
29 Mar 2018

5 Ways to Prevent the Chances of Developing Gynecological Cancer

Gynecological cancers develop in the reproductive organs of woman. The major types among them are – cervical, uterine, ovarian, vulvar and vaginal cancer. It is important for every woman to know ...

Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer Disease
14 Mar 2018

10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer Disease

Are you worried about your mental well-being? Well mild forgetfulness is a normal part of the ageing process that can happen to anyone. But, if memory problems are affecting your everyday life, the ...

Causes and Risk Factors for Insomnia
05 Mar 2018

Causes and Risk Factors for Insomnia

Insomnia can have a great impact on your daily life. Whether you face difficulty in staying asleep or falling asleep, it can have an effect on your overall health condition, productivity and relati ...

Ways to Stop Allergies
16 Feb 2018

Everything about Allergies and How to prevent them

Allergies are hypersensitive response of the immune system to those substances that usually do not cause any reaction to human body. These substances may be the reason for coughing, itching, sneezi ...

Foods to Help Fight Allergies
09 Feb 2018

Eat Right Kind of Food to Stay Away from Allergies

Food allergies can be serious and life-threatening for children as well as adults. You should seek advice of the experts who can help you in taking the right kind of food and prevent allergic react ...

Symptoms of Heart Disease
31 Jan 2018

Symptoms of Heart Disease & Their Types

The symptoms for cardiovascular diseases might not be the same for both men and women. In this regard, men are usually seen experiencing chest pain while women suffer from various symptoms such as ...

different types of Diabetes
15 Jan 2018

Types of Diabetes – Its Causes and Symptoms with Possible Remedies

Diabetes is termed, by doctors all over the world, as a silent killer. It is a medical condition that slowly damages almost every organ inside our body and eventually, ruptures the entire physiolog ...

What should be done if you have Chest Pains
05 Jan 2018

What should be done if you have Chest Pains

If you are experiencing bouts of chest pain frequently then it could be more serious than you think. Some people might consider a little discomfort okay on occasion and that it will pass on its own ...

Gum clinic in London
22 Dec 2017

A Short Discussion by GUM Clinic Experts to Improve Sex Drive

Life, in the modern times, is too complicated for almost any man or woman to have a naturally high libido. Hectic work hours, high mental stress and anxiety, modern contraceptives to facilitate bir ...

Child Sexual Abuse
12 Dec 2017

5 Ways to Talk about Body to Your Child and Prevent Sexual Abuse

It is important for parents to talk to their child about everything related to their body to keep them safe. Giving education about private body parts at an early age is necessary as these days sex ...

skin prick test for allergens
04 Dec 2017

Skin Tests for Allergens: Everything is a Nutshell

Skin prick test is normally done at a physician’s clinic. The customary approach involves a nurse conducting the test, while a doctor interprets the outcome. The overall procedure takes about 20 ...

Walk in Sexual Health Clinic
24 Nov 2017

6 Exercises to Boost Sexual Stamina for Men

Is there a man, who doesn’t want to improve his performance in bed and provide greater satisfaction and joy to his partner? What’s your idea to improve your sexual performance? Sex plays the cr ...

Tested Tips on How to have Healthy Kidneys
14 Nov 2017

7 Tried and Tested Tips on How to have Healthy Kidneys

Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that face each other against the back muscles in our upper abdominal cavity. They take away the waste from our blood, help in urine formation, maintain the body f ...

skin prick test
07 Nov 2017

All You Need to Know About Skin Prick Test

A large number of people, in London, suffer from various allergy attacks almost round the year. A gold standard test is very common for these patients. Doctors prescribe this test to ascertain, whe ...

head and neck cancer
25 Oct 2017

Head and Neck Cancer : Does Oral Sex Increases the Chances?

Cancer is a killer disease that has existed along the centuries. Thanks to the latest researches and the current breakthroughs made in the treatment of the terminal disease, patients can be saved f ...

Chronic Pelvic Pain and Its Treatment With Remedy
13 Oct 2017

Chronic Pelvic Pain and Its Treatment with Remedy

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome or CPPS is a notorious medical condition because of the acute pain and disability it brings. Treating this particular medical condition is a challenge even for a well-s ...

Health Screenings that Every Woman Should Undergo
04 Oct 2017

7 Crucial Health Screenings that Every Woman Should Undergo

The right health guidelines are crucial for everyone to stay fit and healthy. According to medical experts, conflicting and controversial health guidelines prove to be most damaging for the people ...

Common Causes of Miscarriage
07 Sep 2017

5 Common Causes of Miscarriage Every Woman Should Know

Abnormalities in the uterine and cervix If you have an abnormal shaped uterus, there may be miscarriage since the embryo cannot implant properly or if it does implant, it might not get the proper n ...

Personalized Healthcare Services
18 Aug 2017

5 Things you Should Know about Personalized HealthCare

It is said, “Health is Wealth“. The saying goes for all of us as we should take good care of our health to stay fit and fight against different diseases. Are you amongst those individua ...

Private Specialist Doctor
07 Aug 2017

Steps to Find a Good Doctor & Stay Protected

Are you aware about the importance of Finding A Good Doctor for your health care needs? Well, the right doctor will help you stay fit and healthy and maintain a good lifestyle. Not only you can pro ...

how to reduce stress when quitting smoking
31 Jul 2017

How to Reduce Stress When you Decide to Quit Smoking

Are you working hard to quit smoking once and for all? This is actually a big effort that deals with lots of tension, hurdles and of course, bad effect on your health. You may consult your walk in ...

meningitis b vaccine
18 Jul 2017

Faqs on Meningitis B Vaccine You Should Know

Do you know how meningitis occurs? It is some kind of infection that attacks membrances while covering your brain and spinal cord. However, serious kinds may be the reason for brain stroke or sudde ...

Sexually Transmitted Disease
08 Jul 2017

Sexually Transmitted Disease to get during Safe Intercourse

Enjoying sexual intercourse with your partner by wearing a condom? Well, some Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) which are spread due to skin to skin contact can still be contracted or transmitte ...

Visit Walk-in-Clinic to Deliver Healthy Babies
23 Jun 2017

Visit Walk-in-Clinic for Women after 35 to Deliver Healthy Babies

Are you planning with your spouse to conceive after 35? Well, woman needs to know about the problems that may arise for old mothers and what it requires to enjoy healthy pregnancy. Many women are d ...

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing
16 Jun 2017

How Cryolipolysis can help Shed off your Unwanted Fat Cells

Want to get rid of unwanted fat from your body? Well, this can actually be tough in certain situations and some people are now choosing cosmetic surgery procedures to shed off unpleasant flabs from ...

How to Remain Cool and Calm During the Summer
08 Jun 2017

How to Remain Cool and Calm During the Summer

Summer is always hot and if you do not take necessary precautions, you will be at risk of getting heat and falling sick. Whether you are inside your house/office or outside, it is important to know ...

Private Blood TEst
29 May 2017

Conduct Blood Test at Harley Street Clinic to Know About Your Health

Everyone has proteins present in the blood. These proteins carry our various tasks and the more researchers know about them, the more they can tell you about what is going on in your body. You may ...

health screening tests
17 May 2017

Know About the 4 Important Health Screening Test to Live Longer

What it takes to get away from all your worries regarding your health? Are you always tensed about the health of your family members? Well, you are just a test away to get over all your health issu ...

how to avoid Allergy Shiners
08 May 2017

Important Tips to Avoid the Problem of Allergy Shiners

Do you have dark circles under the eyes that make it easier for people to describe you? Actually, a large number of people have this problem and according to medical experts in London, it is caused ...

diarrhea symptoms
27 Apr 2017

Why Diarrhea Occurs & How you can Treat it

Are you suffering from diarrhea? If yes, then your stools or bowel movements may probably become watery and loose. This is something very common and not that serious. Many people get diarrhea at le ...

Employee Wellness Programs
17 Apr 2017

Important Things about Employee Wellness Programs

Whether it is a small, mid-sized or large company, employee wellness programs are an important part to let employees lead a healthier and better life. While some companies invest for the employees, ...

How to Protected from Sexually Transmitted Diseases
07 Apr 2017

Ways to Stay Protected from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are transferred from one person to the other by bodily fluids exchanged at the time of sexual intercourse. Some common sexually transmitted diseases include ...

27 Mar 2017

Various Types of Meningitis Cases Reported at Private GP Practices

Even in this day and age with all the advancements in medical science and technology, Meningitis can be life-threatening. A large number of such cases are reported in the UK every year. The disease ...

Thyroid Tests Procedure
17 Mar 2017

Procedure and Results of Various Thyroid Tests

Have you been recently advised by your physician to take a thyroid test? You will find all the information related to the thyroid gland and tests required to determine any abnormality present here. ...

09 Mar 2017

How to Diagnose and Treat Different Types of Meningitis

Meningitis is a deadly disease that is caused due to viral infection, which affects the CNS (nerves of the brain and spinal cord). The early signs of this disease are similar to the flu thus makes ...

28 Feb 2017

Get Vaccinated and Protect Yourself from Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is one of the common types of sexually transmitted infection prevalent in London and elsewhere. Most of the men and women who are sexually active might get infected by ...

Cryolipolysis Fat Reduction Treatments
16 Feb 2017

Reduce Your Fat with Cryolipolysis Fat Reduction Treatments

Gone are the days when the rigorous exercise and a controlled diet was the only way to reduce weight without going for surgery. However with the advancement in science and technology various techni ...

Sexually Transmitted Infections
06 Feb 2017

Complete Guide to Various Sexually Transmitted Infections

There are many STDs that can be detected with the help of various tests such as blood, urine and swabs. These tests vary as per the infection and the symptoms. If you are experiencing any signs or ...

Right Time To Visit Your Private Doctor
27 Jan 2017

When is the Right Time to Visit Your Private Doctor for Migraine

Headaches can cause disturbing and painful situations, although not considered as a serious medical issue. A migraine can be extremely painful, thought to be caused by a sudden fall of serotonin le ...

17 Jan 2017

Few Medical Tests from a Private Clinic to Save Your Life

From infants to active young adults, anyone can fall sick all of a sudden due to unknown reasons. At times certain symptoms convey the likely ailment. Yet on reaching a doctor’s door anywhere in ...

risk of heart attack
09 Jan 2017

Risk Factors of a Heart Attack

Otherwise known as myocardial infarction, a heart attack will occur when the blood flow to the heart is impeded. The most common cause of a blockage that leads to a heart attack will be a build-up ...

Private Gynaecologist in London Talks about IVF
30 Dec 2016

Private Gynaecologist in London Talks about IVF

There is no doubt that today IVF – In Vitro Fertilization – is something that everyone has heard of. It wasn’t long ago however that it was a mysterious procedure and that babies born usi ...

Give Your Liver Some Love This Christmas
22 Dec 2016

Give Your Liver Some Love This Christmas Season

The Christmas season is underway now and office parties are coming fast and furious. But a big party can mean a big hangover the day after! At Private Medical Care in London, we see lots of patient ...

Gynaecological Cancer
15 Dec 2016

Many Women will be diagnosed with Gynecologic Cancers Annually

What are Gynaecological Cancers? Often called silent killers, gynaecological cancers are an uncontrolled growth and then spread of abnormal cells that have originated from the reproductive organs. ...

Taking the Waiting out of Testing with Medical Express Clinic, London
08 Dec 2016

Taking the Waiting out of Testing with Medical Express Clinic London

These days it seems that there is a blood test for everything and the range of what is tested can seem quite bewildering. For basic cholesterol, the traditional fasting blood test is still the test ...

Facts about Seasonal Cold and Cough
30 Nov 2016

6 Unrevealed Facts about Seasonal Cold and Cough

Our body gets susceptible to infections, cold and coughs very often, due to exposure to respiratory viruses and allergic agents. These viruses do not skip a single chance of attacking our immune sy ...

private gynecologist london
22 Nov 2016

Appointment with a Gynaecologist – Some Instances to go for Consultation

According to medical experts in London, every girl should have her first gynaecological checkup between the age of 13 to 15 years. As such, this special medical check-up should continue for a lifet ...

pre employment medical screening
05 Nov 2016

Pre Employment Medical Screening – Recruit Healthy & Fit Employees

The management of some reputed and usually large companies believe that before hiring new employees, a healthcare pre-employment test should be carried out. The motive of such examination is to mak ...

Private GP Services
21 Oct 2016

Handy Tips to Secure Fast and Accurate Treatment from Private GP Services

It is pretty normal for everyone to go for a GP appointment at time or other. By virtue of first-hand experience, you know that such sessions hardly last more than 7 to 8 minutes, on an average. So ...

cryolipolysis for fat layer reduction
06 Oct 2016

Cryolipolysis – An Effective Approach for Subcutaneous Fat Layer Reduction

The advancing technologies and use of modern equipment are proving to be a life-changing experience for people all across the globe. This relates to everything, that is, all your imperfections can ...

Spinal Stenosis with Symptoms and Treatments
24 Sep 2016

Spinal Stenosis – Solutions within Your Reach

Stenosis is a medical term, which means abnormal narrowing of any channel inside the body. Thus, when the word is preceded by spinal, it means narrowing of the channel that contains the spinal nerv ...

Meningitis B Vaccination
10 Sep 2016

Significance of Meningitis B Vaccination

Meningitis B vaccination is a crucial medication that prevents your child from getting affected by the meningococcal bacteria. It protects your little one from the harmful effects of meningitis cau ...

how health screening contribute to your daily lifestyle
01 Sep 2016

How Health Screening Checkups Contribute to Your Daily Lifestyle

Do you go for routine body checkups? Are you taking necessary steps to take care of your well-being? Well if not, you may get stuck with some harmful effects of ignored health and hygiene. Your bod ...

cause and symptoms for kidney infection
23 Aug 2016

The Causes and Symptoms for Kidney Infection

Urinary tract infection or UTI is a common medical problem these days. An increasing number of people suffer from it at some stage of life or other. In common terms, it is often referred to as kidn ...

Importance of Meningitis B vaccine for Your Child
16 Aug 2016

Importance of Meningitis B vaccine for Your Child

Meningitis B vaccine is usually given to the babies who are aged 8 weeks, 16 weeks and one year. This kind of vaccination will keep your little ones protected against infection caused due to mening ...

fat freezing treatment
06 Aug 2016

Top Questions and Answers about Fat Freezing Treatment

Suppose you are planning to go to London Fashion Film Festival and feeling embarrassed when those intentionally hidden flabs show up. No more hiding your body, you have an amazing option for your r ...

sexually transmitted diseases
29 Jul 2016

How Sexually Transmitted Diseases Can Be Unsafe For Health

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), also called sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or Venereal Diseases (VD) are infections that can be transmitted from one person to another during sexual co ...

Food Allergic Reaction
15 Jul 2016

Food Allergic Reactions and How to Avoid Them

It is a known fact that certain foods you eat may cause different kinds of reactions in the body. Food allergy occurs when the immune system of your body reacts abnormally to certain foods. A quick ...

understanding sexual health
05 Jul 2016

Sexual Health Blogs for better Understand Sexual Health

It is a fact that blogs offer a great way to inform and educate and because one of the areas that offers the best and most vital information health is the specialist health blog we wanted to celebr ...

managing food allergies
27 Jun 2016

Food Allergies and Summer Job

It is the time of year that teens strike out for a bit of extra cash with a summer job. We know that parents worry and we thought that we would offer some tips from our from our renowned private gp ...

London Private GP Clinic recommends health mot
22 Jun 2016

London Private GP Clinic Recommends a Health MOT

Just like the things in life that you have serviced regularly like your car and boiler you should pay the same attention to your health. It all works so well most of the time but to get the most ou ...

tips on blood testing
14 Jun 2016

Private Blood Test at Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street, London

For those who are not keen on blood or needles having a blood test can be daunting. But even for those of us who don’t have those fears, having a blood test is not likely to be something we look ...

Sexual Health Clinic in London Guide to STIs
06 Jun 2016

A Sexual Health Clinic in London Guide to STI’s

We thought that we would answer the most commonly asked question that we hear from our doctors when we see patients who think they might have caught an STI (sexually transmitted infection), and giv ...

How chronic stress effects health
30 May 2016

How Chronic Stress Effects Health

There is no doubt that life is stressful. Moving home, family conflicts, job troubles, debt, the list is endless. It is often difficult to be able to accurately know how stress effects on health. S ...

walk in doctor london
21 May 2016

Seven Great Tips to Find Your Ideal Doctor

When you are looking for a walk in doctor in London who will offer you a walk in doctor appointment, we thought you would like to check out these ways to be sure that the doctor you see is the best ...

Guide to Sexual Health Services
12 May 2016

Essential Guide to Sexual Health Services at Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street

A sexual health services is a service accessed by people of all ages, of any ethnic origin or sexual orientation. If you have any sexual health problem or disability visit to your nearest sexual he ...

private blood test
03 May 2016

Having a Private Blood Test or a Health MOT

At our private clinic in Harley Street, we see many patients who are being tested for blood cholesterol. People ask how do you know if you have high blood cholesterol? They also want to know what t ...

Full Body MOT and Private Health Check
03 May 2016

A Full Body MOT and Private Health Check in London

Case Study Our patient is a man who has just turned 40. We will call him John. His partner bought him a for full body MOT at our Harley Street Medical Centre. He was offered a series of tests to as ...

understanding high cholesterol levels
03 May 2016

Understanding High Cholesterol

Knowing the symptoms and causes of a high blood cholesterol level High cholesterol – what are the symptoms? High cholesterol is symptomless. You can only establish that high cholesterol is presen ...

same day doctor london harley street
03 May 2016

Visiting a Same Day Doctor at Harley Street Clinic

There are times when all of us would like to see a same day doctor to discuss our medical concerns. Finding a same day doctor in Harley Street who can help is easy. Just contact us at Medical Expre ...

How to Keep Kidneys Healthy
02 May 2016

How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

At Medical Express Clinic – the award winning Harley Street Clinic, we offer everything you need to keep your kidneys and your body healthy. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes or a family ...

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