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Natural Family Planning
Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Your Gynaecological Conditions

NFP or natural family planning is increasingly popular as more and more couples across the UK are counting on it to avoid unwanted pregnancy. In case you're not absolutely certain about how it works, just keep reading this blog. An experienced consultant gynecologist in London explains NFP in simple words for you to follow easily.

NFP and unwanted pregnancy

NFP is a tried and tested approach to determine the phases of your menstrual cycle that are fertile and those that are not. In order to ensure the procedure reflects correct results, you've to play a little part as well. You must be conscious enough to register the daily changes that your body experiences during every menstrual cycle. This unending self-consciousness will help you both plan and prevent a pregnancy without the need of condoms, hormones or intra uterine gadgets.

Checking the cervical mucus daily

During every menstrual cycle, your cervix creates mucus. The nature of this mucus keeps changing very frequently and this change reflects your fertility level. After a period gets over, you'll notice dry days when the cervix won't produce any mucus. This dryness may make sex a little uncomfortable as well. Those days, when there'll be no cervical mucus, your fertility rate will be low.

Interestingly, the Private Gynecologist at the Medical Express Clinic explains, in course of time the mucus will turn cloudy, wetter, more stretchable and slippery automatically on its own across a span of several days. Finally, it'll become slippery and dense like the egg-white. This signals your high fertility rate, which normally lasts 4 days at a stretch. The mucus is obscured by the menstrual flow during the days when you're menstruating.

Tips to check the cervical mucus

After leaving the bed and before using the toilet in the morning, wipe your vagina with a clean tissue. Note if there's any mucus either on the tissue or in your undergarment. If there's any, note its consistency and colour. Wash the hands and place your index finger into your vagina. Then, gently take out the hand and rub the mucus a little between the index finger and the thumb. In the next step, separate your fingers and this test will tell you the mucus consistency.

Perform this test thrice daily. The varying nature of the mucus will tell you the following:

  • When the mucus is creamy, stretchable, slippery and has similarities to egg white, you're at the height of your fertility.
  • When you find it dry, crumbly and sticky, your fertility level is poor or low.

A private consultant gynaecologist at Gynaecology Clinic suggests to keep a track of the cervical mucus in a calendar. The nature of your mucus is bound to vary at different times of the day, depending on certain factors, like:

  • The length of your cycle
  • Your sexual arousal
  • The choice of your feminine hygiene products
  • The hormonal contraceptives or spermicides that you use

In case you suffer from any vaginal infection, then that condition will also affect your cervical mucus quality. Visit our clinic or get more information from here.