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Mini-Stroke Vs. Stroke Both are Dangerous To Health.
Mini-Stroke Vs. Stroke Both are Dangerous To Health.

Mini-Stroke Vs. Stroke Both are Dangerous To Health

Stroke is a dangerous medical emergency that can affect anyone and can be fatal.It happens when the tissues of the brain lack oxygen. The tissues progressively get destroyed or damaged. Stroke is the leakage or blockage of blood (oxygen carrier) flow through an artery to any part of the brain.

When a large portion of the brain tissue is damaged it will result in patient death. On the other hand, a mini-stroke or TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) that is not fatal. Brain cells start malfunctioning for a short time and create similar symptoms to a stroke.


In terms of a medical condition, extreme brain haemorrhage is recognised as very serious. This is because severe strokes are often untreatable leaving no chance of recovery and leading to physical disability and death.

Possible warning symptoms and signs of mini-stroke and stroke

Symptoms and warning signs for both mini-stroke and stroke are same. One can experience a fatal stroke immediately or within few hours of observing the symptoms including:

  • Passing out or altered consciousness
  • Balance loss
  • Confusion
  • Tingling
  • Abnormal smell and taste
  • Vision change
  • Dysphasia
  • Dizziness
  • Numbness and weakness to a body side or specific parts such as legs and arms

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, visit London Private GP Clinic for treatment.


“FAST” is the abbreviation of Face, Arm, Speech and Time. It is a way of remembering the signs of mini-stroke and stroke within a person. Various organisations declare FAST as a crucial method to detect the stroke.

The steps are:

F- This process involves the checking of face. If the face droops on one side, it’s a potential warning sign.

A-Checking the arms. If a patient cannot hold his arm up it’s a potential warning sign.

S- This process involves checking the smile. If the person cannot smile, it’s a potential warning sign.

T- Time to visit your GP.

How long will mini-stroke and stroke last?

The symptoms of severe stroke may be sudden and progressive.

The symptoms of TIA don’t last for a long time and may with treatment begin to resolve within 5 minutes.

The side effects of mini-stroke and stroke

Theside effects of mini-stroke and strokes are identical. Some of them even last a lifetime. The possible side effects are :.

  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Coordination or balance loss
  • Speaking difficulty
  • Abrupt vision loss in single or both eyes
  • Experiencing weakness or numbness in specific body parts such as legs, arms, and face. It can happen for a particular body side too

Differences of the side effects of mini-stroke and stroke

Surprisingly, symptoms and signs of mini-stroke can resolve within 5 minutes the sufferers usually recover within a day.

Does mini-stroke lead to any other strokes types?

Leading research centres of the UK agree that mini-strokes or TIAs are regarded as warning signs of a stroke.Most people having a major stroke experience a mini-stroke or TIA before their stroke. But, it may be so mild that the person ignores it.

Treatment options available for mini-stroke and stroke

Although the symptoms and warning signs can be identical, treatment is not the same. Stroke is a medical emergency and treatment commences with CT scan to establish what damage there had been to the brain. The specialist can check whether there is a blood clot or haemorrhage and artery rupture.

The treatment option chosen by the doctor will depend on the stroke type and its severity. Hospitalisation may be necessary for a few days for additional treatment, minor surgery and screening.

Prognosis and recovery of mini-stroke and stroke

TIA or mini-stroke resolves spontaneously and a person can recover from it completely within 24 hours. TIA’s prognosis is good but it may indicate the propensity to stroke.

If you obtain early treatment, following a stroke, then you can recover faster. In some severe cases, both prognosis and recovery are disappointing and a patient might die, despite being provided with proper treatment.

If you are worried about mini-stroke or stroke you could check here or call us for an appointment today.