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Important Tests to Perform for Sexually Transmitted Infections
Important Tests to Perform for Sexually Transmitted Infections

Important Tests to Perform for Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections or STIs are diseases that can affect your reproductive and sex organs. The common STIs include - Chlamydia, genital warts (HPV) and genital herpes.

Anyone who has been sexually active may get or spread this sexually transmitted infection. Make sure you are aware about the symptoms and get tested regularly if you are at higher risk of having an STI.

  • If You Think: you are having an STI
  • STI Symptoms: this can be for men and women
  • When you need to get tested
  • STI testing for men
  • STI testing for women

When you think you have an STI

Get yourself checked soon

STIs can be severe, painful and may even have long term effects on your health. This can be the reason for your inability to give birth to children in future.If you suffer from any of these symptoms, see your family doctor or one at our sexual health clinics to know what you may have and how to treat them. It is important not to enjoy anal, oral or vaginal sex till you see a doctor and know if you have an STI. 

STI symptoms in both men and women

You may suffer from different kinds of infections when you have anal, oral or vaginal sex. There are some STIs that do not show any symptoms at all and so, you as well as your partner(s) might get infected without knowing about it. Thus, if you are sexually active or want to begin a new relationship, then regular STI check in London is necessary.

The symptoms of an STI in men can include:

  • A foul-smelling or discolored discharge from the penis
  • A burning feeling at the time of urination
  • Pain during masturbation or intercourse
  • Bleeding from the penis
  • Excessive itching in the scrotum or penis
  • Unusual rash or bumps on the penis or scrotum

The symptoms of an STI in women include:

  • An unusual discharge like different color or smell from the vagina
  • A burning feeling at the time of urination
  • Pain during masturbation or sex
  • Excessive itching in the vagina
  • Unusual bumps or a rash on the genitals.
  • Heavy bleeding from the vagina which is different from normal period

When you need to get tested

When you have the symptoms of an STI, it is advised to fix an appointment and get tested soon. If you remain sexually active, then it is certainly a good idea to get tested every year for different sexually transmitted infections. Some STIs do not have any symptoms and so, you might not even know you have one before getting tested.

If you are planning to begin a new relationship and consider having oral sex or intercourse with your new partner, then schedule an appointment to get tested soon. While you wait to get the test results, it is suggested to practice safer sex by using a condom or a dental dam.

The kinds of tests to perform depend on your symptoms and health concerns. Your doctor will tell about the tests you need to undergo and what will take place during the tests. Feel free to ask all questions to your doctor if you have any concerns about the test(s).

STI testing for men

Getting prepared for your tests

Do not urinate for at least 2 hours before going for the check-up. When you see the doctor, they will ask to remove your clothes either partially or completely.

During your test

Based on the symptoms, your doctor may:

  • Check the genitals visually
  • Touch your testicles and penis to check for sores, discharge or pain
  • Take a swab from the urethra, lesion or sore
  • Ask for urine sample
  • Take a blood test

HIV Testing is not a routine

Your doctor should not perform HIV testing without your consent. The testing consists of pre-test counselling and then a blood test. He won’t test for HIV automatically.

STI testing for women

The kinds of tests you need to perform are based on your symptoms and concerns. The doctor at your GP or local sexual health clinic like Medical Express Clinic will explain about the tests that need to be done and what will occur during the test(s). Ask all important questions that you might have in your mind related to the tests. 

Preparing for your tests

When you visit the doctor, they will ask you to undress either partially or completely.

During the tests

Depending on your symptoms, the doctor may:

  • Check the genitals visually
  • Insert a speculum inside the vagina so he/she can see the cervix and vaginal walls clearly
  • Take a swab from the cervix or vagina
  • Take samples from the cervix with a spatula and small brush
  • Put gloved fingers into the vagina while pressing on the abdomen with other hand.
  • Take a swab from sore
  • Ask for a urine sample

You may visit your private doctor at Medical Express Clinic and get tested to know if you have been infected with any sexually transmitted infection. This way, both of you can get treated soon and avoid getting one in future.