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health screening tests
health screening tests

Know About the 4 Important Health Screening Test to Live Longer

What it takes to get away from all your worries regarding your health? Are you always tensed about the health of your family members? Well, you are just a test away to get over all your health issues. With the quick and simple health screening tests, you can detect problems early, if any.

Here are some important screening tests you might have to undergo at some point of your life. Read on!

1. Bowel cancer screening

Bowel cancer screening is not potential of diagnosing cancer, but detects it at an early stage even when no sign and symptom is experienced.

How is the test performed?

The Faecal Occult Blood test (FOBt) kit is sent to the patient in order to get their stool samples collected. The samples are then sent for analyis in a laboratory. In this test, the doctor checks for any blood traces and asks the patient to undergo the test again if there is a positive result. This is not an indication of cancer but a sign that you need to undergo another test called colonoscopy for bowel examination.

2. Cervical screening

It is a test performed to detect any abnormality that could result in cancer in the cervix of a woman, if not checked at the right time.

How is the test performed?

An instrument named speculum is inserted inside into a woman's vagine to keep it open adn a soft brush is used to swipe the cervix. It is said that it's not painful but just a little uncomfortable.

The result of these kind of private health checks are delivered within a period of 15 days. Chances of a negative sign is rare in most cases, one out of 20 women show abnormal changes for follow-up tests.

3. Blood pressure tests

Both high and low blood pressure is harmful to your health and might lead to severe health issues like cardiac disease, kidney problems or heart stroke.

How is the test performed?

It takes only a minute to complete the test. A cuff is wrapped tightly around your upper arm and inflated to take the reading. When the reading is below 130/80mg, your blood pressure is considered as normal.

Today, majority of adults, young and old, suffer from the problem or high or low BP. If your pressure falls above or below the normal range, your physician will prescribe you some health advice and medications, if needed.

4. Cholesterol tests

It is a kind of test that records cholesterol level in your body. Like blood pressure, both high and low level of the fat can lead to health problems.

How is the test performed?

It is simple and painlees. You can simple book an appointment online or visit our walk in blood test clinic in London or a pathology lab. If your cholesterol level is high, you need to make alterations to your daily diet, maintain balanced weight and do regular exercise.

If you want to undergo a health screening test sooner or later, contact our health experts and doctors at Medical Express Clinic.