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Facts about Stockholm Syndrome
Facts about Stockholm Syndrome

Important Facts about Stockholm Syndrome You Should be Aware of

Stockholm syndrome usually takes place when the hostage grows a positive feeling strongly towards the captivator. It had first been reported in Stockholm and thus, got its name. You will find four major components that act as a base for developing syndrome.

  • The main condition of Stockholm syndrome occurs when the hostage and the captivator seem to be complete strangers before the captivation is being held when they have not met earlier.
  • The second condition takes place when hostage denies cooperating with police forces or rescue operation team that helps them to rescue from the captivity.
  • The third condition happens when hostage has the firm belief that the captivator has some kind of humanity and the hostage seems to hold an admiration towards the captivator. Thus, he believes himself to be the saviour or thinks to be the personification of goodness.
  • The final condition is when the hostage as well as the captivator has the same value.

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Some facts related to Stockholm syndrome

It was in the year 1973 when Nils Bejerot, a Swedish psychiatrist and criminologist who coined the term The Norrmalmstorg Syndrome. However, this became popular by the name of Stockholm syndrome though Stockholm syndrome is defined by Frank Ochberga psychiatrist. Jan-Erik Olsson took four employees of the bank as hostage in one of the biggest banks in Stockholm, Sweden in the year 1973. He had kept them imprisoned for six days in one of the banks tormenting them with dynamite. But the hostages were not ready to be against the captor rather, they were completely in his favour. This had helped him with money that backed him for fighting the case.

Causes of Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm syndrome occurs when someone wants to keep you under their control. This can be the situation known as trauma bonding.


Stockholm syndrome is believed to be more shocking rather than diagnostic. So, the diagnostic conditions had been very restricted. Acute stress can be treated easily since it is a condition for Stockholm syndrome. There is a feeling of emotional bonding towards the Captivator when affected person or the patient speaks freely only with his friends or relatives.

Treatment for Stockholm syndrome

This is considered to be a psychological disorder and hence, no pills can manage this effectively. One should have a clear mindset that helps to focus why he needs to believe that the Captivator wasn't a savior. He should be mentally strong to train his brain, according to that. One should seek the support from trust-worthy people and share his situation so that he can lessen the intensity of that saviour image in his mind. One also has to realise that a person would not keep him in captive, that is illegal and against human rights. It is important to know about the treatment plan for stockholm syndrome before undergoing it.

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