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Importance of Meningitis B vaccine for Your Child
Importance of Meningitis B vaccine for Your Child

Importance of Meningitis B vaccine for Your Child

Meningitis B vaccine is usually given to the babies who are aged 8 weeks, 16 weeks and one year. This kind of vaccination will keep your little ones protected against infection caused due to meningococcal group B bacteria. Meningococcal infections are severe that may lead to meningitis, Septicemia or blood poisoning, amputations, brain damage and death in some cases.

How Meningitis B Vaccine is Given to Kids

This is also known as Bexsero, is given as one injection in the thigh of your baby. The doctor’s clinic will schedule an appointment to bring your child for their vaccination. If you cannot reach the clinic on the scheduled day, contact the concerned person at your nearest London private clinic for another appointment and know about the timing for your little one.

The safety concern

Like other vaccines, meningitis B may have side effects, However studies suggest that they are generally mild and do not last for a long time. Innumerable toddlers and babies were given this vaccine during clinical testing to check if it is safe. Since it is a licensed vaccine, no major safety concern is required.

Meningitis B vaccination can be given with other baby vaccinations such as pneumococcal vaccine and 5-in-1 vaccine. Know about private meningitis B vaccine cost before scheduling an appointment for your child.

How it works

Meningitis B vaccination is made of three proteins that are found on meningococcal bacteria’s surface, combined together with other membrane of one Men B strain. These elements stimulate immune system to protect against exposure to meningococcal bacteria.

The after effects

Babies who are given meningitis B vaccine with other vaccinations during 8 and 16 weeks may suffer from fever within the first 24 hours after vaccination. However, the side effects are for a short period only. It is important to give your toddler proper medicine after vaccination in order to lessen the risk of fever. The doctor will give you more information on the right medicine at the vaccination appointment.

Other effects associated with the vaccination include – skin irritation, swelling and tenderness.

Look for suitable meningitis B vaccination service at your place. By giving your child proper vaccination, you will be able to protect them from meningitis and other related diseases.