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How to Keep Kidneys Healthy
How to Keep Kidneys Healthy

How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Kidney diseases are a silent killer, it will affect your life. At Medical Express Clinic the award-winning Harley Street Clinic, we offer everything you need to keep your kidneys and your body healthy.

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or a family history of kidney failure you should visit your nearest private GP practices in London and consult with your doctor, because you may have an increased risk of developing kidney disease. Even if you are not in an at-risk category taking care of these critically important organs is very important.

7 Secrets to help your kidneys stay healthy

It might be of a big shock for you to know that kidney failure is the 9th leading cause of death in the world. When the kidneys are functioning properly, you can get the most benefit from the foods you eat and consume. It usually requires 30 minutes for your kidneys to filter the blood within your body.

Diabetes, high pressure or a family record of kidney failure might out one amongst three people at greater risk for developing kidney disease. But even if you do not fall in any of these risk categories, it is still important to take proper care of your important organs like a kidney for improved overall health. Let's discuss 7 top secrets that can keep your kidneys healthy and functioning properly throughout your life.

  1. Keep Hydrated

    Though it is a good idea to drink a sufficient amount of water, drinking more than four to six glasses daily probably will not help kidneys function in a better way. There is no scientific proof that over-hydration can improve the functioning of your kidney.
  2. Regular Exercise

    It is important to do your exercises regularly for maintaining a healthy and strong body. Just like you should eat a well-balanced diet to stay fit, physical activity can stave off high blood pressure and weight gain. Be careful about the exercises you do as overexerting yourself can cause damage to the kidneys as well as kidney diseases.
  3. Watch the Supplements

    If you take certain vitamin supplements and herbal extracts in excess, then this may be harmful to your kidneys thus causing, kidney disease. It is advised to consult with your private GP and know about the recommended dosage of each supplement or vitamin daily. Be sure you do not take the vitamin twice a day with the combination of single vitamin capsules and multivitamin capsules.
  4. Give Smoking the Elbow

    Smoking may damage the blood vessels that reduce the flow of blood in the kidneys. Thus, when the kidneys do not have enough blood flow, they cannot function properly at optimum levels. Smoking also increases the risks of high blood pressure and kidney cancer.
  5. Take proper medications

    If your kidneys are healthy and you take medicines for treating occasional pain, chances are they probably don't have any risk. But if you are taking them for arthritis or severe pain, it is advised to consult with your private GP to check your kidney disease and function or finding alternative ways to ease the pain.
  6. Get Regular Screening of your Kidney Function if you have a Known Risk

    If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, your private GP will perform screening for kidney dysfunction as an important part of routine care for these conditions.
  7. Your big kidney health takeaway

    There are many causes and symptoms of kidney infections like unitary tract infections. At Medical Express Clinic, book an appointment with our health care experts to know how to keep kidneys healthy and functional. The best thing is to follow this above mention guide or take regular exercise and keep weight under control. These healthy practices will ensure that everything, including your kidneys, stays healthy.