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how health screening contribute to your daily lifestyle
how health screening contribute to your daily lifestyle

How Health Screening Checkups Contribute to Your Daily Lifestyle

Do you go for routine body checkups? Are you taking necessary steps to take care of your well-being? Well if not, you may get stuck with some harmful effects of ignored health and hygiene. Your body should be the top most priority despite your busy schedule. It is advised that you go for regular health screening rounds to your trusted private doctors. Tell him about health issues you may be facing so that he can suggest you the right treatment for your case. Read on to know more about health screening checkups and its benefit in daily life.

Who needs health screening?

Every human being gets prone to illness and as such, going for health screening sessions will be a great advantage. Screening helps detect any health risk that you may have. Anyone who relates to the following category should visit nearest private clinic in harley street or visit our website www.medicalexpressclinic.co.uk to make an appointment.

If you have a family history of any genetic disease such as diabetes, thyroid, heart disease or cancer

  • If your age is above 50
  • After giving birth
  • If you have any specific health concerns
  • If you are a busy person and are stressed
  • Before starting a routine physical exercise

What are health screening tests for men and women?

A wide range of health checkups are available for both men and women at several reputed private clinics in London. Health screening processes are customised depending upon the patient's age, lifestyle, health concerns, affected allergies and family history.

Health screen tests for females start with a deep consultation session with the GP. The patient can get answers to her queries and get them evaluated before the tests commence. Following the questionnaire, blood tests will be taken, an overall female examination is conducted and an ECG is performed. In some cases, the doctors may suggest some additional tests such as cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, breast cancer, and gynecological issues.

In case of men, the screening starts with a complete medical checkup and in-depth investigation. It is followed by urine and blood tests for an overall assessment of health. Older men get an extended advantage of various other screening services which includes tests for bladder cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes and testicular cancer.

What are the benefits of health screening?

  • It can help early detection of any illness
  • It makes the treatment more effective
  • It restricts a symptom to develop and reduces the risk of further complications
  • It allows a person to take wise decisions about their health by letting them know the health issues earlier.

Health screening is an important step towards a healthy lifestyle. You can consult with a private GP in this regard. You should be aware of the changes occurring in your body and health. Your physician is a person who can guide you in the right direction.