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Situations When Lab Reports are Normal But You Still Feel Sick
Situations When Lab Reports are Normal But You Still Feel Sick

Handling Situations When Lab Reports are Normal But You Still Feel Sick

You feel sick but your reports show normal. This is something very common and happens to a lot of people. What is the best thing to do in such scenario? Dr Arshad H. Rather a renowned consultant physician in general medicine and medicine for elderly in London associated with the Medical Express Clinic on Harley Street offers tips to tackle such confusing and unfortunate situations.

Common causes behind the mismatch

Just like many other private doctors in London, Dr Rather too identifies the following factors behind mismatch between your medical reports and your health condition.

  • Lab error: Certain tests like hormonal are problematic because the levels vary frequently every day. The test reports are also affected by many other factors including foods and supplements. There are innumerable factors that have to be taken into consideration to get your lab report right. Even a marginal error can result in a big blur in your test reports.
  • The doctor somehow failed to listen to your problems: Even doctors are humans. At times, your doctor can fail to listen to your problems minutely. Sometimes, they can make an error in judging your symptoms correctly. Thus, your palpitation symptom may be diagnosed as heart problem when it is a case of thyroid malfunctioning.
  • Certain illnesses can't be properly diagnosed in a lab: Many autoimmune, malignant, viral and allergic diseases are very difficult to diagnose in a lab. Even the necessary tests may not be able to diagnose your condition correctly.

Apart from the clauses mentioned above, there can be various other factors as well behind mismatch between your medical condition and test reports.

What do you do in such situation?

Our doctor has some suggestions for that.

  • Take better care of your body: Try to get more sleep so that your body gets more recharge time. You also need to manage stresses more maturely.
  • Go for more tests if you feel like; but remember that more is not better in all situations. Moreover, extensive medical tests will become quite a substantial expense. Going to a specialist doctor helps because he or she may recommend you special tests that you're yet to try out.
  • Bring a change in your normal diet. Often, this change helps to improve the condition.

If the problem persists then get in touch with our private doctors, so that we can assist you to cope up with the unusual sickness by administering proper medical care.