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managing food allergies
managing food allergies

Food Allergies and Summer Job

It is the time of year that teens strike out for a bit of extra cash with a summer job. We know that parents worry and we thought that we would offer some tips from us to make sure that all goes well and safely his summer.

Working for peanuts, not with peanuts is preferable for the allergic. You need to think carefully about where they should work.

There will be some workplaces that are not the best places for an allergic teenager to look for work. Somewhere like a bakery where there might be increased exposure to wheat or nuts or a seafood restaurant if they are allergic might put them at risk even if they are only cleaning up. Best steer clear of these places of work and loo for other non-food contract jobs.

Should Allergies be Mentioned at Job Interview?

When you are applying for a summer job it will not be necessary to disclose allergies although if specifically asked the applicant should tell the truth. If the subject comes up then the teen could ask if any provision was made for allergic employees.

First Things First - Tell the Boss.

Once the job starts it is important that, like any other relevant health information, the boss is informed of the allergies that the teen has. Then a plan can be given of what to do if the teen suffers an allergic reaction while at work and where staff can find the epinephrine and auto injector that the teen should have, as well as emergency contact numbers.

Think of Your Co-Workers Like Your Friends

An allergic reaction can happened at home and school and just as easily at the place your teen is working. So the first step is to make an appointment with private gp at Medical Express Clinic for a consultation. They will ask some question about your symptoms and provide allergy testing.

Watch that Space!

Identify any areas in which there might be a risk. In their workplace your teen should look out for any places that they might encounter an increased risk like the staff room areas and kitchens. The safest thing will be for the teen to bring their own food in from home along with their own food containers and bring their cutlery too. They should watch out for shared microwave facilities too, in case there is any residual food left in them.

With a few precautions in place it should be possible to work safely and profitably for the summer without the misery of an allergy attack. If you would like any further information we recommend you to visit Medical Express Walk in Clinic or call us to get all the advice you need for your teen to work safely this summer.