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Few Medical Tests from a Private Clinic to Save Your Life

From infants to active young adults, anyone can fall sick all of a sudden due to unknown reasons. At times certain symptoms convey the likely ailment. Yet on reaching a doctor's door anywhere in London, the experts at Medical Express Clinic will ask you to undergo certain medical screening to confirm the uncertainty. It is important doing so because these tests are solid facts based on readings found from your blood, stool, saliva, accumulated puss, urine and more.

Thus, with a medical test done, a health problem can be diagnosed at the initial phase itself, making it easier for you to combat the disease and be treated effectually.

Below Are Few Helpful Medical Tests

For Cholesterol

This waxy fat is crucial for maintaining membrane structure and fluidity. Risk arises when cholesterol combines with other components of blood to form plaque, hardening the coronary arteries and blocking the natural flow of blood. This can cause undesirable chances of stroke and heart attack. High concentration of cholesterol in your blood does not show any visible signs. Hence, individuals should get Private Blood Tests done by experienced medical experts to keep a track of their cholesterol level.

Food items like butter, processed meat and dairy products cause obesity and are highly responsible for causing high concentration of cholesterol in blood. Eat fiber rich cereals like oats and barley, lots of fruits and vegetables and drink soya milk, to effectively lower down cholesterol level.

For Breast Cancer

It is said that among eight women in UK, at least one is generally diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast screening can help to find out cancer at an early stage. There is nothing complicated about it, the entire process of mammogram consists of performing X-ray test of each breast. To get the X-ray done, a breast is gently compressed with a clear plate, which you may find discomforting. However, this uneasiness is a matter of just few seconds.

A mammogram can identify cancer even before the visible changes occur. Private Clinics in London, often suggest women hitting the latter years of 40s to get breast screening done. From there they are instructed to get themselves checked till they reach 70 years of age, at an interval of three years.

For Cervical Cancer

As the name suggests itself, it is cancer found in the cervix of a woman. Such a critical stage can be averted by noticing abnormalities early through cervical screening. Research shows that there are approximately 3000 cases of cancer popping-up every year in UK. Although, since the arrival of cervical cancer screening program, the number of women suffering from it, has dropped down considerably at a rate of 7% with each year passing by.

There is nothing frightening about the screening. An instrument speculum is used to gain access to a woman's vagina and then the cervix is swept gently using a soft and small brush. So all you may feel is a little bit of irritation but not much pain. The results will be made available to you within just two weeks of the screening done.

Women starting from 25 years to 64 years of age are eligible to get themselves tested for any apparent presence of cervical cancer or related minor abnormalities, at free of cost.

Other than these, there is bowel cancer screening, eye tests, skin checking and blood pressure tests done at private clinics in London. These tests will help you and your loved ones to stay away from severe and extreme stages of any kind of health complication.