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Walk in Sexual Health Clinic
Walk in Sexual Health Clinic

6 Exercises to Boost Sexual Stamina for Men

Is there a man, who doesn't want to improve his performance in bed and provide greater satisfaction and joy to his partner?

What's your idea to improve your sexual performance?

Sex plays the crucial role in any thriving, successful relationship. It not only bonds two souls but also helps keeping them connected. Just like any normal, able-bodied man, you too desire to provide a lasting and absolutely fulfilling sexual experience to your partner.

Read on to learn great tips from experts at a renowned walk in sexual health clinic in London to boost your stamina for better sexual performance.

Work on your tongue:

Strengthen the jaws and the tongue muscles so that they don't succumb to cramp during oral sex. Do tongue pushups regularly.

How to do it:

Push hard the underside of your tongue tip into the front of the roof of your mouth. Apply considerable strength while doing this. Gradually, it will help improve your stamina for oral sex.

Develop your forearms:

Whether you're embracing her or stimulating her G-spot, your forearms have significant role to play in your sexual activities and performance. Thus, focus on improving your forearm muscles.

How to do it:

Lift weights to make your forearms stronger.

your abs and lower back muscles:

After all, in the majority of sexual positions, your abdominal and lower back muscles have much to perform.

How to do it:

Regularly practice squats, inverted curls, pushups, planks and deadlifts to make the msucles in your abs and the lower back stronger.

Focus on proper breathing:

The so-called experts will suggest you to think of baseball to avoid premature or early ejaculation. This is bogus because, the less connected your mind is with the sexual activity at that very time, the less you're into it to enjoy. If you don't put all your attention to the activity, you won't have the optimum enjoyment out of it. Just Walk into a private std clinic in London like Medical Express Clinic and they'll suggest you to focus on proper breathing techniques, if you want to hold yourself longer to give the ultimate satisfaction to your partner.

How to do it:

Focus on relaxing and breathing.Early ejaculation indicates, you're tensed and under some kind of mental anxiety.

Catch up with sufficient sleep everyday:

Testosterone hormone mainly boosts your sex drive and your body produces this hormone when you're sleeping. So, it's important to have enough sleep every day.

How to do it:

Sleep in as much dark as possible. Put away artificial lights while sleeping. Try to keep all tension and anxiety away while falling asleep.

Importance of pelvic floor exercises:

Most people ignore the pelvic muscles and thus, the muscles get weaken with the flow of time. Strong and healthy pelvic muscles boost your erectile strength and ejaculatory control, along with helping you with more powerful orgasms.

How to do it:

For that deep, transformational sex, you need to engage your whole body. So, you need to make sure that overall you're physically fit and strong. Eat well, avoid junk foods and drinks, stop smoking and cut down on alcohol if you're serious to light up your performance in bed.