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Essential Medical Tests to Ensure Your Safe and Successful Prgenancy
Essential Medical Tests to Ensure Your Safe and Successful Prgenancy

Tests to Ensure Your Safe and Successful Pregnancy

Apparently, pregnancy is a very simple phenomenon. A sperm and an egg meet and after 9 months, a baby takes birth. In reality, however, there are immense lot of complications in it, involving myriads of pathological tests even before one tries to get pregnant. Consultant Gynaecologist in London emphasis on getting these tests done to ensure the birth of a healthy baby after a hassle-free pregnancy.

Pre-pregnancy checkups:

It is important to get a few checkups done on you, before you give up using birth control measures in order to get pregnant. For your greater convenience, you can approach the private clinics and get the private blood tests in London done much faster. These tests will be prescribed by your doctor, based on few facts. You have to share your personal health records, as well as that of your family and your spouse's. Based on the findings of all these factors, your physician will shortlist the tests you need to undergo.

Importance of healthy eating and exercise:

An overall healthy lifestyle, covering both a balanced diet and physical workout, is essential to ensure a safe and successful pregnancy. A large number of would-be mothers are found to be overweight. They're prescribed with a little diet change and exercise to facilitate weight loss. This helps them improve their fertility and also to stay healthy during the entire course of pregnancy. Apart from the private blood tests mentioned above, an all-round diet and regular physical exercise help these women in ways more than one, apart from the numbers on the scale.

A sound and healthy lifestyle:

Right from the moment you decide to get pregnant, you should give up any kind of recreational drugs, alcohol and smoking. Try to get exposure to a little amount of sunlight every day. This not only improves the concentration of vitamin D in your body but also lifts your mood. You may also be subjected to certain blood and urine tests for some common STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) during this time. Depending upon the unique findings in your case, the doctor may also summon and review your immunisation record.

Vaccination is crucial:

During pregnancy, it is expected that your immune level will take a dip. This makes you more susceptible to infections. To overcome the low immunity problem, vaccinations prove to be more than helpful. In the worst case scenarios, vaccination helps reducing the severity of any illness that you may catch up during pregnancy. Thus, both you and your baby are less affected by that illness. Flu shot is a very common vaccination program prescribed to women, who get pregnant during the flu season. Most Private Clinics in London like Medical Express Clinic offer special blood test package price for cases involving pregnancy. Even genetic screening is not overlooked by the doctors to ensure both the mother and the baby stay healthy in the long run.