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Guide to Sexual Health Services
Guide to Sexual Health Services

Essential Guide to Sexual Health Services at Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street

A sexual health services is a service accessed by people of all ages, of any ethnic origin or sexual orientation. If you have any sexual health problem or disability visit to your nearest sexual health clinic  and talk to the experts about your requirements so that they make necessary arrangements in advance.

Sexual health clinics are offered at various venues.

  • GP surgeries
  • Contraception clinics (family planning clinics)
  • Clinics that specialise in sexual health
  • Clinics that offer testing for sexually transmitted infection (STIs)
  • Clinics dealing with genitourinary medicine (GUM)
  • Some pharmacies that have facilities to consult on sexual health
  • Referral centres for people who have suffered sexual assault
  • Services for young people who offer advice on sexual health

If you would like to ask about which service would be the most appropriate for your particular issue, call us on 02074991991 for advice, as not every sexual health facility will offer every service.

What happens?

The first time that you need to visit a sexual health clinic you will be asked to fill in a form with details that will help the clinic offer you the best help. But if you feel self conscious you need not give your real name or GP details, you will not be turned away.  If you feel more comfortable, you can also visit your nearest private clinic.

When you are seen in clinic you will be asked some personal questions that will cover your medical history and your sexual history as well as what kind of contraception you usually use. You will also be asked about your sexual partners and your sex life in general. You will be tested to see if you have an STI's and this is usually done with urine or blood testing.

Anything that you talk about in the sexual health clinic will be completely confidential. No details of what you have said can be shared with anyone, and that includes your GP, without your express permission.

For further guidance, get in touch with us here at Medical Express Clinic.